₹25 is nothing for the new-age OnePlus Nord CE4

₹25 is nothing for the new-age OnePlus Nord CE4

Many of you will remember the first OnePlus Nord phone of 2020, with which the company set out in search of the right answer. It had a design element that is very rare until now. Rivals haven’t attempted to exactly replicate the blue marble finish that made it stand out in certain ways. Even years later, the OnePlus Nord CE4 still reflects that moment in time. Celadon marble, as it is called, is more green in color. Even at this time, there is an effort to refresh it where equality is prevalent. The arrival of the OnePlus Nord CE4 now starts to compete with the Nothing phone (2a) and indeed Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 12 series, which means it’s an impressive option if you’re looking for a phone under Rs 25,000. Is.

OnePlus Nord CE4 comes with 8 GB RAM

Mid-range Android phones have gotten much better because of the hardware that is now available for them. At its core is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 7 Gen 3 chip. OnePlus hasn’t exactly gone wrong with 8GB of RAM as the standard spec across all storage options, but perhaps missed a trick as the Nothing Phone (2A) added a longevity offering with 12GB of RAM for the highest spec variant. . For some users, that extra headroom may be very useful – and adding an extra 8GB of virtual RAM from storage isn’t really an option.

Still, the OnePlus Nord CE4 is powerful enough for most use cases, and despite some tweaks to the software, there aren’t any noticeable stutters or animation jerks. This occasional behavior was noted in the Nothing phone (2A), although it improved after an OS or operating system update. Even when you’re gaming on the OnePlus Nord CE4, or doing extensive multitasking, including extended camera use, the Snapdragon 7 Gen 3 chip still runs cooler than I expected. This is partly related to the Zen improvements of the chip, and also how OnePlus has designed the insides of the phone.

This phone takes us back to my first point about smartphones around Rs 25,000 now being quite an upgrade compared to what they were probably 5 years ago. Qualcomm has done something similar with the Snapdragon 7 Gen 3, adding changes to the core design and AI process handling. While there isn’t much to choose from, and there are variables like customization of the software they run, I find the Nord CE4 holds up a little better than the Nothing Phone (2a) when stressed.

The special thing is that this time there are two variants of OnePlus Nord CE4 on sale – ₹24,999 for 8GB RAM and 128GB storage, but our recommendation would be the option priced at ₹26,999 (8GB + 256GB). The Nothing Phone (2a) is now priced starting at ₹23,999, with the option to opt for the 12GB RAM variant at a slightly higher price (which is currently around ₹27,999).

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