355 year old Shiva temple found in excavation of Navratnagarh

355 year old Shiva temple found in excavation of Navratnagarh


Durjay Paswan, Gumla:

A 355-year-old Shiva temple and monastery has been found during the excavation of the historical heritage Navratnagarh located in Nagar village of Sisai block, 32 kilometers from Gumla. An ancient Shivalinga has been found in the middle of the Shiva temple, whose structure is amazing. Only stones have been used to build this ancient temple. The abode of gods and goddesses has also been found in the excavation near Subhadra and Balabhadra temples. Which people used to consider as a road and travel there every day. Many ancient buildings and carved stones have been found from the excavation of that route. Two secret doors have also been seen, which are yet to be excavated. It is being told that there is a possibility of finding more temples through the excavation of the door or there may be some ancient secret room inside the temple. A carved stone has been found during the excavation, which looks beautiful. To go inside the Shiva temple, a door made of stone only one and a half feet wide and four feet high was found. Let us tell you that Navratnagarh is being excavated by the Archeology Department. Even a year ago, during the excavation done here, the secret palace of the king and queen was found. Social worker Damodar Singh, resident of Nagar village, told that the Nagvanshi kings had established Navratnagarh. But later, when the Nagvanshi kings moved their capital from Navratnagarh to Palkot, the ancient heritage of Navratnagarh was razed to the ground. After this Navratnagarh was included in the World Heritage and the Archeology Department started its excavation. Excavations are revealing the secrets of the period of the Mughal Empire and the Nagvanshi kings.


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