4 Go Bhojpuri Poems of Dr. Pramod Kumar Tiwari

4 Go Bhojpuri Poems of Dr. Pramod Kumar Tiwari


like pat chela

Ganda Banhele Siddha Guru

Babuji Dharwale Kudar


That the earth is as patient as you are, sir!

Farming should not be a ‘business’ but a ‘religion’

How many fences do you keep in common?

you become a tree

May you bloom and flourish?

People have come down with shells.

name letters of medicine

take me to mine, take me to tire

Ghabarih Jin Lal

you become a cow

Part of Tohra Bachvan

Wise people took away the last drop

have faith

my stupid letter

I have kept a lot of thoughts in my mind.

ok all night long

Drip Mahua Ke Bhiri

The longing for the boat hit hard

I took a dip in the well Bharal Pokhara.

Babuji said in a soft voice

Kona’s Ego Khunta Patra

rahe dih bacharru

Thousand years of debt and our letters

When the farmers started getting upset due to the condition of the tractor.

In the shadow of the bull’s tumultuous gait

Relax for a while.

Don’t be impatient, uncle!

The machine can bring strength to the soil.

acre heady fragrance

acre magic

acre even price

some good ones in the world

Mati Jaisan

don’t risk money

fields and soil

I felt very restless

Have you ever imagined how many butterfly plants you will need?

Tohar lagaval ganch patra kaise

Jagar-magar bitter gourd chirai-chirgun

Kalpabirich jaisan fart gourd se

How the whole village became happy

Aakash Jaisan Hokhele Mati

don’t be discouraged gold

See Kulanch Marat Rukhian’s

sparrow caste

wait and listen

sag khontat buchian ke hansi

look carefully

The beauty of the faces of the tribal Chorawat Bachvan

Get angry because of lies

In order to get back to him, he ran away.

the one who looks like a fool

I am ready to move on, Billar has come.

Forget about yourself and reprimand yourself

danj jin karih babua

From Manager-Professor Brother

Babuji said with penile eyes

don’t think too much

His car arrived with a shiny face

palace of big car wallan

very small hola

so much

That aunty paveley okra me mai

Far away Basal Bachavan keeps sending pahur

When my brother came to the village, I got arthritis.

Pokhara wala farm ke du man gamkua chaur

Aa Chitkabari Gaya ke Gheev.

The ship is in a hurry right from the start of the morning.

after a relative’s death

say smile babuji

Life is not an empty youth

sweetness of childhood

Come the retirement of old age

Bhar Hic Jih Babua

Don’t get tired Babu

My Jason Mati

baa tohra saath

I don’t know which one

in a sad voice

Babuji said with a wave of his hand

in the house by mistakes

don’t take sulfas

always remember

Tohra Laga

The sky is like the earth.


stay at home

be proud of your heart

before larika

keep watching bathan keep watching

Naya Bardha’s other letters

people should not lose their temper

That I will pull you in one breath

That the eyes remain on the buttocks

that animal

diamond and pearl

stay son, stay red

blessings in farming

Okre was amazing.

When you eat bread full of grapes with love

house owner

May all the pain be forgotten, Bardha.

After all, Bardha is still Bardha.

Neh Topal may not be able to see through deception

That humans are born selfish

That those little creatures should remain just slaves.

Lihal is being snatched away from Javna.

oker natural rights

This thing was extinguished after eating okra.

When Neiman Gulam Bhantile from Oahu

name being tractor

The young man trampled Lagal Bardha before leaving the field.

Seeing your master holding the reins

Be patient

Lagal Okra Remembering Old Days

When you get defamed after every good work

People call bulls for hard work.

When you leave hard work and run for fun

come and become a bull

Ta Maan Debe Gaon-Jawar

Bardha kept moving here, bearing every pain.

swelling in nose

to the glans of the scrotum

Kabo Oof Na Kilas

Now the hatred in the eyes has flowed away

When the web snatched the milk of okra part from the mother

When one part of okra is eaten and the other is eaten.

Bardha asked T Bidhna

The punishment for our crime is on our forehead

What is wrong with us humans?

Why should we endure so much pain?

Why should there be any shame in hard work?

Jay Bithal Chabe

Where is he famous?

Now tell me about Bardha’s welfare.

When in the making of man’s Bardha

No stone unturned banchal

Ta oker ter sunewala ke ba?

neither soil nor sky touches

ego waterfalls are growing

old house jaisan

Filled with chirping sounds of various kinds

Many relationships are cherished

I don’t know since when but

time time letter in okra

pour out a new fountain

thirst after touching the soil

hope to strengthen the house

Dreaming of some bright clouds

Our soil should not touch the sky.

How talented you are

ooze and run towards the sky

Then the waterfall becomes bigger and becomes a bond.

Seeking infinite heights of development

He cut off his lust from the elder one.

bauer extinguish in the beginning

Barkha Bunni Iyad Aawe

Chirai’s raga haunts me

call home jowar mati

Then everything is forgotten

iyad rahal bus infinite height

star shines all

gentle cool breeze

Then one day he passed away

Come and find the shade of the leaves on your forehead

Then it became clear that he was in the sky.

buried in concrete

Come surrounded by strong walls of glass

Javna’s sky remained bright

Ooh Ego Virtual Screen

Relationship is the creator of mirages in the sky

Big screen.


Na of empty ego month

The words are names of deep intoxication


hemp seeds

come when you climb

The earth started rotating in which direction?

Suruj Dev may forget his ways.

Phagun is the name of a strong wave

The devil will take away the life.

ego is booming

Javna Mein Hera Jaala Sab Gun Avgun

Ego Maha-Bhav

All the shortcomings of life are there in this big web.

Empty words and culture are not true.

The month after Magh

the whole nature is fagun

Kavano Meeth Inar’s name is Phagun

जेमे दूब जाले ॐ ॐ

When brother-in-law becomes a wobbly old man

Jala village in a different mood

When the old lady becomes a happy bride, her eyes become dull.

Jala village painted in amazing colors

high and low, dirty and old, new and old

Jaala village, forgetting everything for a few days

In the world situated in the throat of Mehroon

Phagun is the loud voice of Mardan

Thehuniya Asan Mar Ke Gol Dam

When the rising male rage

The sky started playing Damama.

green climbing net nature leaf

Fagun is the color of the soul

skull plates of youth period

Rubbed your gulaal with fun

JK Na Zara Pave Sammat Ke Aag.

The name of the old tradition is Phagun

whispered into my ear

A big Kawano festival can be celebrated due to unfulfilled work.

Where Nature Naya Raas Rachavele

Where Adidev opens the essays of time

Ego Jadoo Ha Fagun

Siddhavo made Adimi’s Jogi

When Kabira is immersed in fun

Gawela Jogi ‘Anahad Naad’

Ta janam ‘janam’ may not happen

Death ceases to be ‘death’

Then the ashes of the masala become a web of gulal.

Where Kamadeva becomes Abeer

Immortal letters of life are indelibly inscribed

It is not an empty festival but a vision of life.

Naya Raga Sanjove Bade, Alage Srishti Ha Phagun

Tesu, the one who colors the soul with Palas and Hardi.

Fagun is a pleasant rain

In this ocean of emotions

after the river neon dipla

hokhela every year

New birth.

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