8 Indian Navy Officers’ Sutka after listening to the news of Fashichi Education in the queue

8 Indian Navy Officers’ Sutka after listening to the news of Fashichi Education in the queue

Pudhari Online Desk: India has once again achieved a major political victory. Eight former Indian Navy officers, who were sentenced to death penalty in the alleged rape case, have been released. The Government of India has expressed happiness over the release of eight Indians. The Ministry of External Affairs said that seven out of eight Indians are in India. We admire the decision of the Qatari government to allow our citizens to carry suitcases and return home. (India-Qatar)

These eight former sailors work at Al Dahra Global Technologies in Doha. He would have been arrested in August 2022 on charges of hazing. Only, these allegations never became public. Or sources say that there is an allegation of misappropriation of Panbudi Prakalpachi. Al Dahra Global Company provides training and other services to Qatar’s military forces and other security institutions. After spending a long period of time in jail, the former naval personnel would have been given a Fashichi education hearing by the junior court in Qatar in October. Or the Central Government is surprised by not giving any information in this regard earlier. India or appeal against the decision would have been bananas. India is a major supplier of natural air. About eight lakh Indians work there. There have always been good relations between the two countries. (India-Qatar)

Bharatala gained political fame by canceling the Fashi education of eight officers in Nuktech row. Only the Ministry of External Affairs has given the information. The announcement would have come within four weeks of the meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani on the sidelines of the Dubai COP-28 conference. After the meeting held on December 1, Prime Minister Modi would have said, I am speaking with pride for the Indian community living in the queue. It is believed that during this time only the question of naval personnel is present. (India-Qatar)

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