Action can be taken on evicting the woman from the house in joint property

Action can be taken on evicting the woman from the house in joint property

New Delhi: Every day one or the other case comes to the fore regarding property in the country. In this, most of the disputes remain regarding joint property. If there is a woman’s name in the joint property and someone evicts her from the house, then legal action can be taken against her. Recently, in one such case, the court has ruled in favor of a woman. At the same time, instructions have been given to the family members not to remove the woman from the house. Explain that driving a woman out of a jointly owned property amounts to domestic violence. A magistrate’s court observed and ruled in favor of a woman. It directed her brother and sister-in-law not to throw her out of their house.

The woman had filed a complaint

A 23-year-old victim had moved back to her parents’ home after a divorce. The victim told the court that after her brother’s marriage in 2016, his wife and he started physically abusing her. After this he was repeatedly thrown out of his house. The victim woman had lodged a complaint of domestic violence in the year 2020. He told that his two other brothers live separately. He said that after the death of their father, the immovable and movable properties at Navsari in Gujarat were sold and shared equally by the woman and her three brothers. The woman said that since she was a divorcee, the accused and she took a flat together under pagdi custom and lived there. He said that the first name on the rent receipt is his and the second is that of his brother. He had contributed Rs.5 lakh towards the tenancy.

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Tortured to get out of the house

According to the victim woman, Sake Bhai got married in 2016. Her sister-in-law used to quarrel with her on small things and wanted to throw her out of the house. The victim told that her sister-in-law started provoking her brother. The woman said that the sister-in-law also physically and mentally tortured her to get her out of the house. On March 22, 2018, her brother forcefully threw her out of the house. The woman said she went to a religious congregation in Dadar for two-three days and returned home. He said that his brother and his wife threatened and assaulted him. In July 2018, her sister-in-law grabbed her hand with a knife and asked her to leave the house and threatened to kill her. He was forced to return to the circle.

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brother denied the allegations

The brother denied the allegations and said that he had bought the property and since she was his elder sister, he added her name to it. He also said that he had taken care of her medical expenses and alleged that he had started quarreling with his wife over trivial matters. She said that she herself had left and had gone to live with her other brother.

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