Akash Madhwal: Akash Madhwal would have been imprisoned in the local competition.

Akash Madhwal: Akash Madhwal would have been imprisoned in the local competition.

Mumbai; Circle Organization: Akash Madhwal has done a great job at a crucial stage for Mumbai Indians in the 16th IPL ruckus Eliminator match. That’s why a strong discussion started in the sports world. (Akash Madhwal)

Akash Madhwalchi, who comes from the city of Roorkee in Uttarakhand, has been very interesting in his journey from cricket to engineer and then to cricket. His brother Ashish Madhwal narrated an incident that happened with Akash. Ashish told ‘India Today’ that, ‘Rohit bhai gives players good chances. So he believes in the players, supports them. The new player is always scared, he is afraid to go to the union place. Rohit only tries to remove the fear, Akash comes and does a good job.’ (Akash Madhwal)

Akash’s brother Ashish further said, ‘After engineering, Akash would have worked. Mere, people would come to him every day and he would not work today, we would play with him, we would give you money, he would say. After that the sky changed. So after choosing Uttarakhand’s confederacy, a deadly bullet hit.

Akash ha aadhi tennis ball kheliyacha. But, he would have faced arrest in local competitions. Ashish told that, ‘No one was giving him a game here. Everyone would be scared of his cannonballs. That’s why he would have been banned in local competitions. Everywhere there would be an atmosphere of fear. Akash would have been playing outside Rurkiyya. Ashish said, ‘Ho aata uske tennis ballche diwas gaye. He is very happy if he comes. Rohit Sharma has removed 50 percent of his tension. See how their bonding is.’

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