Angered by the confiscation of the phone, the student set fire to the school, 20 people died

Angered by the confiscation of the phone, the student set fire to the school, 20 people died

Guyana (Best Hindu News): Angry over confiscation of phone, a girl set fire to the school, resulting in the death of 20 people. It is being told that the student had also warned about this before the incident in anger. The whole matter is being told about the South American country of Guyana.

According to media reports, a fire broke out in the girls’ hostel of Mahdia Secondary School on Monday night. Due to the fire, a big part of the school got burnt to ashes. Because of this, many girl students and staff got trapped and there was an atmosphere of chaos. Also, the team of fire brigade was called immediately, but by the time the fire was extinguished, 20 people had died.

This incident is being reported from Central Guyana Mining Town, about 200 miles from the capital George Town. The matter has been disclosed by the police team. The police team says that the arsonist is none other than a student of the school itself. When the teacher confiscated the student’s mobile, she got angry about this. Due to this displeasure, he took this step in anger. Not only this, the student herself was also burnt in the fire.

According to the police, the school administration seized the girl’s mobile phone by snatching it and the girl got angry and executed the incident. It is being told that the school administration came to know that the girl student is in contact with a person more than her age and after this the school administration took this action. The age of the accused girl is said to be 14 years. When the girl’s phone was snatched from her, she had threatened to set the girls’ hostel on fire.

Due to this arson, the student herself has also been injured, whose treatment is going on in the hospital. After being discharged from the hospital, the police team will take the student into custody and interrogate her.

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