Anjali-Munawar: Anjali Arora- Munawar Farooqui seen together at Bigg Boss reunion party, pair formed in lock up

Anjali-Munawar: Anjali Arora- Munawar Farooqui seen together at Bigg Boss reunion party, pair formed in lock up

You all must have seen Ekta Kapoor’s reality show ‘Lock Up’. His winner was Munawar Farooqui and his name was associated with Anjali Arora. Who got name-fame from ‘Kacha Badam’ and became a star overnight. Anjali had even proposed Munavvar in the show. In a way, both of them were creating a fake love angle. Till then the fans had accepted them as a couple and even started calling this social media influencer as sister-in-law. But as soon as the show ended, both of them became completely clueless. They were never seen together. They had stopped talking about each other as well. But now both have been seen together in a party.

Actually, on March 18, the reunion of Bigg Boss Reunion took place. Contestants from all the seasons came in this. Such as Vishal Kotian, Sajid Khan, Abdul Rojik, Soundarya Sharma, Abdul Rojik, Sumbul Touqeer Khan and Pratik Sahajpal. Apart from these, non-Bigg Boss contestants were also seen, such as Ulka Gupta. Vishal’s girlfriend. Anjali Arora and Munawar Faruqui. Although these two were not seen together but they were definitely seen together in a group photo.

Anjali-Munavvar looked isolated

Shiv Thackeray shared a video on Instagram, in which Munavvar is standing on one side and Anjali on the other. Sajid, Sumbul, Shiva, Ulka are seen standing between these two. Although both of them talked somewhere inside or hi-hello, it is not known, but no video of it has come to the fore. Yes, a video has definitely come, in which Anjali and Soundarya Sharma are seen dancing with Shiv Thackeray. This has also been shared by the runner up of Bigg Boss 16 in his Instagram story.

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Munjali is busy in her own life

After coming out of lock up, Munawar Farooqui had introduced his girlfriend Nazila to the world. Not only this, Anjali Arora also introduced her boyfriend Akash Sansanwal to the fans. By doing this both of them had made it clear that they have nothing in common now. The way they were seen together in lock up. That was just their strategy for the game. Although Anjali had called Munavvar after the show but there was no response from there.

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