Asia Cup 2023: Asian Cup ‘King’; Athavyanda Ashiya Chashkavar Capture

Asia Cup 2023: Asian Cup ‘King’;  Athavyanda Ashiya Chashkavar Capture

Pudhari Online Desk: In the final match of the Asia Cup, Team India achieved a one-sided victory over Sri Lanka, the ‘King’ of Asia division cricket, Aslyache Punha proved once again. In the match held at Sri Lanka’s Premadasa Stadium, Team India defeated Sri Lanka by 10 wickets. Team India has launched its boat in Athvayanda Asia Chashkavar. In mid-1984, India would have won 10 Gadi Rakhun in the Asian Cup. (Asia Cup 2023)

Sri Lanka started the toss and decided to bowl first. But, the Indian bowlers made their decision and restricted Sri Lanka to 50 runs. Sri Lanka’s batting got off to a bad start. Bumrah gave the first push to Karat Lankela after Kusal Parerala in the third ball of Samanya’s first six.

Ishan-Shubhman’s half-century partnership

Following the call given by Sri Lanka, the Indian batsmen started aggressively. Ishan Kishan and Shubman Gill won the match with a half-century partnership. In this, Ishan Kishan scored 23 runs in 18 balls. In this he hit 3 fours. Along with Shubman Gill, he played 27 runs in 19 innings. In this he hit 6 fours. Both the opening batsmen remained unbeaten and Bharatala emerged victorious.

Sirajchi brilliant bowling; four wickets, one six, tipple

After this, Mohammad Siraj, who came to bowl, took the bowling axle. Samanya’s fourth six took four wickets and India’s fast bowler Mohammad Siraj Lankela left footer Dhakalele. He hit his fourth six and was defeated by the first bowler Pathum Nissankala Ravindra Jadeja. Nissankala came attacking with four cannons. After this, in the third innings, Sadira Samarawickrama was out LBW. On the fourth day, he performed the character of Ishan Kishankarvi. After this, in the end, Siraj, Dhananjay de Silva, Yashtirakshak, Rahulkarvi were caught. Dhananjayla made four attacks on both sides of Nissankala. At the same time, Samaravikram and Asalanka did not stop eating. Siraj took one six and 4 balls. Earlier, Bumrah’s first six hit Kusal Parela and the batsman Rahul Karvi would have gone bananas. Parerala does not open even after eating.

After this, Samanyachaya Sahavya Shatkatan Mohammed Siraj pushed Sri Lanka’s fourth chenduvar Sahava. He ate black clean bowled bananas. Shanakala would not reveal his account. Siraj scored four runs in the match and hit five batsmen of Lanka. In Samanya’s 12th century, Mohammed Siraj gave another push in the form of Lankala Mendis. Mendisla Siraj, who played with restraint while losing the wicket, was clean bowled.

Sri Lanka got the eighth blow with 13th six and 40 runs. Hardik pandyane dunith velalgela yashtirakshak rahulkarvi jhelbad kele. Vellavaga made eight runs off 21 runs. After 13 sixes, Sri Lanka’s run count is 40 runs instead of eight runs. Hardik Pandya, who came to score his 16th sixty in the match, took both the wickets in his sixes. He hit a six off the first bowler Pramod Madhushan and then hit the second bowler Pathiranala. Both the batsmen scored 1 and 0 respectively.

Bharatachi Athavyanda Ashiya Chashkavar Mohar

India has defeated Sri Lanka by 1 Gadi Rakhun in the final match of the Asia Cup. Team India has won the title of Athaviyanda. Earlier, India had won the title in 1984, 1988, 1990-91, 1995, 2010, 2016 and 2018. India has won the event seven times in ODIs and once in T-20, while Sri Lanka has won the event only six times. Sri Lanka has won the title five times in ODIs and once in T20. Pakistan Federation has become champion both times.

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