Asia CUP 2023 Final: Sri Lanka’s batting prowess, know the low run count in one day

Asia CUP 2023 Final: Sri Lanka’s batting prowess, know the low run count in one day

Pudhari Online Desk: The final match of Asia Cup 2023 (Asia CUP 2023 Final) is being played today (17 September) between India and Sri Lanka. After the toss, Sri Lanka decided to bat first, but only Indian fast bowlers Mohammed Siraj, Bumrah and Hardik Pandya and pennant Maryane were in trouble for the Sri Lankan batsmen. Siraj took 21 wickets while giving 21 runs. Pandya and Bumrah took a wicket on the right side. (IND vs SL Asia Cup Final) Know the ODI normalcy of Ajavarachya Nichchanki run count…

Asia CUP 2023 Final: Sri Lanka’s low score against India in the one-day match

Sri Lanka’s lowest ODI score is 43. South Africa would have scored 43 runs in the middle of Lanka’s Sangh Gundala. The second lowest run count would have been 55 runs against West Indies. England would have been caught in 67 innings by Lankela Rokhle. Sri Lanka’s fourth-order bottom run count of 73 would have been against India. Coming to the Asian Cup 2023 tournament, the final match of Sri Lanka’s third and final match against India has become the lowest.

Low run score in one-day cricket

1) zimbabwe – 2004: 18 sixes and 35 runs against Sri Lanka.
2) America – 2020: 12 sixes, 35 runs against Nepal
3) Canada – 2003: 18.4 sixes, 36 runs against Sri Lanka.
4) zimbabwe – 2001: 15.4 sixes, 38 runs against Sri Lanka.
6) Pakistan – 1993: 19.5 sixes, 43 runs against West Indies.
5) Sri Lanka – 2012: 20.1 sixes, 43 runs against South Africa.
7) zimbabwe – 2009: 24.5 sixes and 44 runs against Bangladesh.
8) Canada – 1979: 40.3 sixes, 45 runs against England.
9) namibia – 2003: 14 sixes and 45 runs against Australia.
10) Sri Lanka – 2023: 15.2 sixes, 50 runs against India

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