Asia Cup 2023: Top five batsmen who make Asia Cup debut

Asia Cup 2023: Top five batsmen who make Asia Cup debut

New Delhi; circle organization: Asia Cup 2023 is coming soon. Team India Vikrami Athavyanda has become the boss of Asiacha. In the last over, Indian cricket lost Sri Lanka by ten wickets. In the final match, Siraj’s explosiveness in bowling and his indelible impact on the competition did not affect the quality of the batsmen in the competition. Or see the performance of the top five batsmen who scored the most runs in the tournament…

Shubhman Gill

Bharatiya Sanghacha Salamiveer Shubhman Gilchi Bat Asia Chaskat Changlich Talpali. His batting in the first match against Pakistan was not as expected. His footwork was ineffective against Pakistani bowling. That’s why he was vaccinated; But later he caught hold of Changlach. Gill scored 302 runs in 6 matches at an average of 75.50. He scored 2 half-centuries and 1 century. So he became the batsman who scored the most runs in the competition.

Kusal Mendis

Sri Lanka’s star batsman Kusal Mendis batted strongly for Sri Lanka. Kusalne 6 Sammanyant at an average of 45
Made 270 raids. He has 3 half-centuries under his belt.

Sadira Samarawickrama

Sri Lanka’s middle order batsman Sadira Samarawickrama i.e. Saha Samanyaant scored 215 runs. His average was 35.83. He scored both half-centuries.

Babar Azam

Pakistan’s captain and experienced batsman Babar Azam made a good impression in the beginning of the tournament. He scored a half century in 151 runs against Nepal. He scored 207 runs at an average of 51.75.

Mohammad Rizwan

Pakistan’s experienced batsman Mohammad Rizwan played in front 5. Thus he scored 195 runs at an average of 97.50. Only two half-centuries came from his bat.

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