Asia Cup Final 2023: 100 sixes against Sampla in 21.3 sixes; Know Team India’s new Vikram

Asia Cup Final 2023: 100 sixes against Sampla in 21.3 sixes;  Know Team India’s new Vikram

Pudhari Online Desk: India, after achieving a historic victory in the Asian Cup final, have made a strong bid for the World Cup. In the final match of the Asian Cup 2023, India defeated Sri Lanka by 10 wickets. Team India has won only the eight-day event. In this case, Sri Lanka is at the second position along with co-champions. Indian team has won one-sidedly in the final match. Batting first, Sri Lanka scored only 50 runs. India did not lose a single wicket but scored 37 wickets. There are 100 sixes in the one-day encounter. Only, this match has been completed in 21.3 sixes.

Team India’s new Vikram

After today’s victory, many wicket-keepers have been named in Team India’s ranks. Let us know which Vikrams are our heroes after today’s match in India?… (Asia Cup Final 2023)

1. Sarvant Motha victory in one-day final

India achieved its biggest victory in ODI cricket with 263 balls remaining in the last over of any competition. India faced Jinkala with 263 balls remaining. Australia would have defeated England in the final match of the Tricolor Series in 2003 with 226 balls to spare.

2. India’s tenth victory would not have lost even a single card.

India conquered Asia for the second time by winning 10 Gadi Rakhun. Otherwise Team India would have defeated Nepal by 10 wickets. Sangha won a total of 10 Gadi Rakhun in the Dahavyanda ODI. India became equal to Vishwa Vikramachi of West Indies. West Indies have won 10 wickets in 10 ODIs. (Asia Cup Final 2023)

3. Asia Chaskat best bowling by Indian players

Mohammad Siraj took 6 wickets while hitting 7 sixes and 21 runs. He did not bowl a maiden six. This is the best bowling by any Indian in the history of Asia Cup. His half-spinner Arshad Ayyub would have taken 21 runs and 5 wickets against Pakistan in 1988. Chinaman bowler Kuldeep Yadav would have taken 25 runs and 5 wickets against Pakistan in the Asia Cup.

4. best bowling against sri lanka

Mohammed Siraj best bowler against Sri Lanka and Vikram Kella. He modeled Pakistan’s Vikram Yunuscha. Waqar would have taken 6 wickets in 26 runs at Sharjah ground in 1990. Siraj became the second Indian to take 6 wickets against Sri Lanka. Half his Ashish Nehru would have taken 6 wickets for 59 runs in 2005.

5. Second best bowling in Asia Cup Final (Asia Cup Final 2023)

Mohammad Siraj became the second player to take 6 wickets in the final match of Asia Cup. His half, Ajantha Mendis of Sri Lanka, took 6 wickets for 13 runs against India in 2008. Sir Siraj bowled the fourth best in the final of any competition in the ODI format. Half of Pakistan’s Aaqib Javed would have taken 7 wickets for 37 runs against India in 1991. After that, Anil Kumble took 12 runs and Ajantha Mendi took 6-6 wickets in 13 runs.

6. Siraj took only 5 wickets in 16 runs.

Mohammed Sirajne Dawat Avaghya 16 wickets 5 wickets hit. Kelly equaled Vishwa Vikramachi in taking the lowest number of 5 wickets in ODI cricket. Only Chaminda Vas of Sri Lanka would have taken 5 wickets in 16 runs against Bangladesh. Wish he could have done something like this in 2003.

7. First Indian to take 4 wickets in one sixes (Asia Cup Final 2023)

Mohammad Siraj took 4 wickets, 4 runs and 4 wickets in his fourth innings. He became the first Indian player to take a single six and four wickets in an ODI match. Only 3 bowlers in the world have taken 4 wickets in a single six. Without Siraj, Pakistan’s Mohammad Sami would have performed in 3002 and England’s Adil Rashid would have performed only in 2019.

8. Sarvant Nichanki’s score in today’s final

Sri Lankan Union 15.2 Shatakant Avaghya 50 runs after doing Jhala. This score is the smallest score in the final match of any tournament. Earlier in 2000, in the final match of the Tricolor Series, Sri Lanka had bowled out Bharatala for 54 runs. This is the smallest score in the final match of the T-20 format. In the 2017 Desert Cup final, Ireland were all out for 71 runs. (Asia Cup Final 2023)

9. Lowest score in the final match of Asia Cup (Asia Cup Final 2023)

Sri Lanka’s Vikramhi is the youngest scorer in the Asia Cup final. Earlier, Vikram would have been the hero of India. In 2008, Team India would have been all out after scoring 173 runs against Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka’s lowest score in an Asia Cup final was in 1988. After that, Sangh was all out by scoring 176 runs against India.

10. Ajavarchi’s lowest score against India

The lowest run score by any team in ODI would have been scored against India. Union of Sri Lanka and East Bangladesh would have been all out by scoring 58 runs on Mirpurcha grounds in 2014. Zimbabwe has the smallest score of any confederation in ODI cricket. In 2004, Sangha would have been all out after scoring 35 runs against Sri Lanka. (Asia Cup Final 2023)

11. Shortest ODI final in terms of balls

It was the shortest ODI encounter between India and Sri Lanka in terms of bowlers. Only 129 balls were played in the Asia Cup final. India played 37 balls while Sri Lanka played 92 balls. According to the shortest ODI, Ha Saamana stood third. In 2020, the ODI encounter between Nepal and America resulted in 104 balls. The ODI encounter between Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe in 2001 was a complete washout in just 120 balls. (Asia Cup Final 2023)

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