Asia CUP Final 2023: Saamana one, ‘Vikram’ many!

Asia CUP Final 2023: Saamana one, ‘Vikram’ many!

Pudhari Online Desk: The final encounter of the Asia Cup took place today (17 September) between India and Sri Lanka. India 10 gadi rakhun saamna zinkat athavyanda or bananas proving your supremacy in the middle of the competition. Or the last general number of Vikramanchi was recorded. Got to know about this topic…

At the stadium, Sri Lankan captain Dasun Shana made a fake decision to bat. His decision proved fatal. The entire Sri Lankan team broke after 50 runs. Indian Sanghaane faced Jinkala with 51 runs without 6.1 sixes.

The fast bowlers took all the wickets for the second time.

This is only the second time in Asia Cup that any team’s fast bowlers have taken all 10 wickets of the opposing team. India’s fast bowler Mohammad Siraj bowled sensationally and endured seven sixes. Hardik Pandya took three wickets and Jasprit Bumrah took one wicket. Earlier in the Asian Cup, Pakistan’s fast bowlers had taken a total of 10 wickets against India.

Siraj was the best bowler of Asia Cup against Sri Lanka

India’s fast bowler Mohammad Siraj took 21 wickets while giving 21 runs. He proved to be the best Indian bowler against Sri Lanka. Siraj has bowled Pakistan’s fast bowler Waqar Yunusla behind. Waqar Younis i.e. took 26 wickets while giving 26 runs against Sri Lanka in mid-1990.

Best bowler for India in ODI

One-day international Stuart Binny, for India, took 6 wickets for four runs against Bangladesh in Mirpur in mid-2014. Tyapurvi Anil Kumble i.e. in the middle of 1993 he would have scored 12 runs and taken 6 wickets against West Indies. Whereas Jasprit Bumrah would have taken 6 wickets in 19 runs at the Oval in England in the middle of 2022. Yaadit big-minded Mohammad Siraj i.e. Entry Kelly is here. Tyane Ashiya Chashak Spardhet took 21 wickets while giving 21 runs.

Sri Lankan Naavar Naamushkijanaka Vikramachi Nond

Asia Cup final total Sri Lankan Union 15.2 six wickets 50 runs all out. Sri Lankan Union is at second place in terms of number of sixes batsmen. Only the final match of any ODI tournament has the lowest run score. Sri Lanka has introduced Vikram Modala. 15.2 Shatakant Sarvabad Hoone Ya Sanghaane Apala Vikram Modla 21 years ago. In the 2002 Sharja Cup final, Sri Lanka’s team scored 16.5 sixes all out against Pakistan.

Sri Lanka’s score against India

Sri Lanka’s Rokhoon scored 50 runs, his second lowest total in ODI cricket. In the middle of 2012, he would have scored 43 runs all out against South Africa in Paarl. Vikramcha’s thought against India was that 50 runs was the lowest number of runs. In 2023, Jhala would have happened after 73 runs in Thiruvananthapuram.

Sri Lanka overtook Bangladesh

Sri Lanka has become the team with the lowest number of runs against India. Or in case of Bangladesh Maage Takle. Bangladeshi forces had carried out 58 raids on the Mirpur plains against India in 2014. 50 runs is the lowest score in an ODI final. Or in this case Sri Lanka overtook India. Team India’s score of 54 was lost to Gundala during the 2000 Sharjah Cup.

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