Asia Cup Final: Rakhi Day for the final match

Asia Cup Final: Rakhi Day for the final match

It rained on the final day of Asia Cup 2023 tournament and the match was fought due to rain, but who will get the Asia Cup trophy? Yes, this big question is definitely being constructed, so let us know the equations related to it. According to weather forecast, there is a possibility of rain in Colombo on 17th September. Only, there is a possibility of light rain. There is a possibility of 80 percent rain and there is a possibility of wind speed of 18 km. In such a situation, rain is considered to create a complete hindrance on the final day. For this reason, Rakhi Diwas is organized.

On 17th September, due to rain, the match was played via Saamana and the next day, Saamana was played. That is, one day is kept as Rakhi Day for the last journey. In such a situation, will it rain on 18th September? This is the question in the minds of the fans. The probability of rain on 18th September i.e. Rakhi day itself is 69%. In such a situation, it rained on 17th and 18th and the match could not be completed, hence both the teams would be declared joint winners.

Winner of the last match between India and Sri Lanka

1988 – India
1991 – India
1995 – India
1997 – Sri Lanka
2004 – Sri Lanka
2008 – Sri Lanka
2010 – India

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