BCCI vs Ishan Kishan: Ishan Kishanwar BCCI angry? ‘Or’ action to be taken due to reason?

BCCI vs Ishan Kishan: Ishan Kishanwar BCCI angry?  ‘Or’ action to be taken due to reason?

Pudhari Online Desk: BCCI vs Ishan Kishan: The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is understood to be angry with the players who are not part of Team India but are also participating in important domestic competitions like Ranji Trophy. There is a possibility of serious action being taken by the Board against such players. There is a strong discussion about the famous batsman Ishan Kishan being the captain of the boat.

The tour to South Africa would have led to a break from the association administration, after which he remained away from cricket continuously. However, Team India’s chief coach Rahul Dravid would have given such advice, ‘Ishan Kishanla Sanghat will make a comeback as soon as possible and he will have to play some cricket’.

However, Ishaan has ignored Dravid Guruji’s advice. So haven’t played even a single Ranji match yet. A few days ago, there was news that Ishan Kishan has started Saraoav with Pandya Brothers. In such a situation, it would have been false to claim that Ishan was preparing not for Ranji Trophy but for IPL. In such a situation, there is talk of BCCI getting Prachanda Santapalle by bringing the players in IPL mode during Ranji Trophy. (BCCI vs Ishan Kishan)

Meanwhile, a BCCI source said, ‘The players who are currently out of the national association will be invited to the BCCI to play for their state association in the Ranji Trophy in the next few days. Due to this, only unfit and players admitted in NCA will be given suits. The board is not happy about some players who have been in IPL mode since January, Ishan has hinted at. (BCCI vs Ishan Kishan)

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