Be sure to include fruits in your night diet, it will help in getting better sleep – Dainik Savera Times

Be sure to include fruits in your night diet, it will help in getting better sleep – Dainik Savera Times

Most doctors believe that adults should get 7 or 8 hours of sleep every day. Although sleep often gets left behind in today’s busy life, ignoring your sleep can have a detrimental effect on mental health. Health experts say that adding some fruits to your nightly diet before bed can help you sleep better due to their anti-inflammatory properties, melatonin and potassium.

Experts have named the top five such fruits which include apple, cherry, kiwi, banana and pineapple. According to experts, apple is a great source of nutrients which can contribute to a good night’s sleep. This fruit is rich in vitamins and melatonin which can help prevent night waking. One of the star players is vitamin B-6, which is present in apples and may reduce insomnia.

Additionally, the fiber and natural sugars in it help stabilize blood sugar levels and improve a person’s general mood as well as overall well-being. Cherries can increase the levels of the anti-oxidant melatonin in the body which aids in relaxation and sleep. Also interesting is the fact that cherry juice is more tart than cherries, which has become a part of a viral trend.

Banana and pineapple are also helpful in controlling the sleep and wake cycle:

Bananas contain high levels of magnesium and potassium, which can relax muscles. Along with this, it also contains tryptophan, which gets converted into serotonin in the body which regulates your mood and promotes relaxation. Similarly, pineapple is rich in melatonin, vitamin C, magnesium and fiber. All of these can help regulate sleep and wake cycles.

Kiwi is rich in many vitamins and minerals:

Kiwi or kiwifruit is a small oval-shaped fruit that is rich in several vitamins and minerals especially vitamins C and E as well as potassium and folate. Nutritionists suggest that consuming kiwi before bed may promote better sleep quality.

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