Bhojpuri superstar Khesari Lal’s ‘Sangharsh 2’ teaser created a buzz, know his Jharkhand connection

Bhojpuri superstar Khesari Lal’s ‘Sangharsh 2’ teaser created a buzz, know his Jharkhand connection

Palamu, Saikat Chatterjee : Bhojpuri film industry superstar Khesari Lal Yadav these days in his upcoming film ‘Sangharsh 2′ There is a lot of discussion about. Within a few hours of the release of its teaser, its viewership had reached one million. In Obra, he shared many things with Prabhat Khabar during the shooting of Rajgharna Films’ upcoming film Illegal. What is his future planning? How do you prepare for your character? What do you think about Bhojpuri music, read the full news to know all this.

Bhojpuri film industry’s superstar Khesari Lal Yadav is busy shooting his film in Obra, Uttar Pradesh for the last 55 days. The name of this film is Illegal, which is being made under the banner of Rajgharana Films. During the shooting of this film, he took out time for Prabhat Khabar and shared many things.

Will film Sangharsh Part 2 bring a change in Bhojpuri film making?

Khesari Lal Yadav is in a lot of discussion about his upcoming film Sangharsh Part 2. As soon as its teaser was launched on YouTube, the figures of million views were touched within hours. In this film, Khesari will be seen in the role of a father. Khesari is very much liked in the angry look of his aged father. The film is also in discussion because in this film the audience will be able to see Khesari’s daughter as well. In this film, dangerous action will be seen out of the box of romance made in Bhojpuri films, which has become a competition to South films. Apart from the action, its songs and other scenes have also been made very well, which is quite expensive.

There will be a change in the industry after this film.

This film, made in South style with efficient camera movement of RR Prince, does not give a feeling of Bhojpuri film from anywhere other than language. Khesari himself is also excited about this. In response to a question, he said that after the film Sangharsh Part 2 there will be a change in the industry and other people will also think of making such a film.

Yes to screenwriting, no to direction

Khesari told Prabhat Khabar that the story of the film Sangharsh Part 2 is also written by him. Even before this, he has written the story of many other films. Now the way the audience has accepted the film Sangharsh Part 2, now Khesari has started working on many more stories. He told that two more films are going to come soon on his story. Khesari further said that he has struggled a lot in life and there is no dearth of stories for those who struggle and move forward in life. Those who struggle get to see many ups and downs in life. Many types of people meet, one has to face many aspects of life, out of these there are many incidents which become hits for films. From singing to actor and now after screenwriting, whether to go towards direction as well, he said no directly on this question. Khesari said that direction is a different genre and is not thinking about it at the moment.

Khesari Lal during the shooting

How to become the richest man of the region from the poorest man of his village

Khesari says that his initial phase was full of difficulties. Large family and less sources of income, in such a situation, he had to struggle to stand on his feet since childhood. I had love for music from the beginning, it was the era of cassettes, I had a strong desire to get a cassette of my songs out but I didn’t have the money. To fulfill this dream, he got a job in the studio of a cassette company. There he served the great singers of that era. Sometimes he tolerated the misbehavior of some artists there and finally when Khesari’s song came in front of the public, there was no looking back. Khesari thanks his fans for today’s superstar status.

Never lost faith in Ram and Krishna

From the bad days of his life till now, Khesari’s trust has never been broken by Ram and Krishna. They consider these two as their idols, they say that whenever the mind is distracted, they are the only support. Khesari always remembers one thing of his father when he had said that if you ever get robbed, don’t regret it and never come back after robbing anyone. Even today Khesari thinks a lot for his family. Whenever he gets free time in the middle of the shooting, he keeps checking the well being of his people.

Khesari Lal during the shoot with Yamini Singh

I do films for myself, I earn money for my family

Khesari says that there is a lot of relief in playing a good character in good films. I act in films to satisfy myself and earn money for the family. He said that no matter how much progress a person makes, he should never forget the hardships he had done in his past life and the family members.

There is fun in being simple, but there is no fun in living like a star.

On the question of his stardom, Khesari told Prabhat Khabar that there is no fun in living as a star, there are many restrictions at every step, the crowd of sycophants distracts life. The real joy is in living by connecting with the soil. Perhaps that’s why Khesari works very closely on the sets of his films, from spot boy to new junior artist. Fulfills every possible demand of the fans.

The songs sung by Dadi Nani are the original Bhojpuri songs.

Speaking on the current Bhojpuri music, Khesari said that different types of songs have to be sung on the demand of the time and the audience, but the song used by Dadi-Nani Gaya is the real Bhojpuri music. He said that he has sung the folk songs heard from his grandmother and mother in a modern way and has achieved immense success. He said that many such songs are going to be released within a month. Due to which listeners will be able to see a new form of Bhojpuri folk music.

Government does not support in Jharkhand, Palamu has old connection

On the possibility of shooting in Jharkhand, Khesari said that the government does not support here. His policy regarding film production is not clear. Here the location, artist, people are all right, only the government is indifferent. He said that he has a lot of fans in Jharkhand, especially he has a lot of attachment to Palamu. During the days of struggle, he has done a lot of Chaita Dugola program in Palamu with his Guru Kamalakant Mishra. Even now he does stage shows in Palamu and nearby areas. He said that he has many friends in Palamu.

The story of the film Illegal is fantastic, will prove to be a hit film

Khesari is also very excited about the illegal shooting of the Rajgharana film in Obra. He said that the story of this film has been written by Abhishek Chauhan, which is very powerful. Directors Neeraj Yadav and Randhir Singh along with DOP RR Singh, Prince have filmed it with a realistic approach. Khesari will be seen in a different style in this film, along with Yamini Singh and Aparna Malik as heroines. Apart from this, KK Goswami, Dev Singh, Samarth Chaturvedi, Ashtabhuja Mishra, Subodh Seth, Mahesh Raja, Manish Anand, R Narendra, Anjali Kumari, Khushi Yadav, Soumya, Sonu Pandey, Siddhant Singh etc. will also be seen as artists. The PRO of the film is Ranjan Sinha and Ramchandra Yadav.

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