Bigg Boss 17: Ankita Lokhande wants to leave the show midway! Vicky Jain said- 4 crores to get out…

Bigg Boss 17: Ankita Lokhande wants to leave the show midway!  Vicky Jain said- 4 crores to get out…

Bigg Boss 17: In the reality show Bigg Boss 17, a lot of ups and downs have been seen in the lives of the housemates in a very short period of time. Contestants are making shocking revelations every day in Salman Khan’s show. Ankita Lokhande, who entered Bigg Boss 17 with her husband Vicky Jain, has been in the news since day one. For the last few days, heated arguments are being seen regularly between the couple. Recently, Ankita was seen getting very angry with her husband Vicky. Ankita had even said that her luck got spoiled by living with you. Now forget that we are married. From today you are different, I am different. You have used me. After that Ankita had said, “I am feeling, I am sick, I am feeling from inside… I am not well. I am not getting my period, I want to go home. Vicky had a dry reaction on this also. Now a clip is going viral, in which the actress was seen expressing her desire to leave the show.

Ankita Lokhande wants to leave Bigg Boss

A video clip of Vicky Jain and Ankita Lokhande is going viral, in which Vicky is seen explaining to them. Expressing her struggle, Ankita expressed her desire to leave the show. Vicky can be seen telling his wife that he is ready to pay Rs 4 crore to exit the show. Vicky says, you have to do everything with your own mind and when you do something wrong while doing it, then you come to me and put the blame on me. Where are you my Ankita? You don’t understand me, you tell me four things. Bigg Boss wala has posted this clip on his ex.

Ankita Lokhande is going to become a mother

Ankita Lokhande told Vicky Jaune, “I feel, I am sick, I have a feeling from within… I am not well. I am not getting my period, I have to go home.” In response to this, Vicky further said that she had told yesterday that it is the first day of her periods. Ankita denies this and says that her blood test was done yesterday and she remembers well what he told her. Apart from this, Ankita says, “No periods, I had a blood test for pregnancy, there is nothing inside.” He also said that his report had not come and a urine test was also done that day. Vicky continues to talk about the game and Ankita says that she is confused. Both of them argued and refused to listen to each other.

Devoleena Bhattacharjee posted for Ankita Lokhande-Vicky Jain

Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain’s heated argument in the Bigg Boss 17 house had attracted everyone’s attention. Former Bigg Boss 17 contestant Devoleena Bhattacharjee supported Ankita and criticized Vicky’s behaviour. The actress wrote on her ex, Vicky Bhaiya’s ego should not become the reason for his downfall. Although Bigg Boss has escalated the situation, this is to be expected. However, the way he is behaving with Ankita, entering and disrupting her personal life is unacceptable. In an attempt to prove his selfish personality, Vicky Bhaiya is wreaking havoc in his personal life. I feel bad for Ankita Lokhande.

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