Conspiracy of ISI –

Conspiracy of ISI –

Dal Khalsa Its founder Jaswant Singh said in an interview that Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI is promoting the Khalistan movement in Punjab from across the border. ISI is using Sikhs as a tool. Pakistan does not want a direct fight now, because it will cost crores of rupees. Many lives will be lost, so now a new policy has been made to spoil the environment of the country from across the border. For which small pro-Khalistan groups are being funded from across the border, so that they can carry out small incidents to vitiate the atmosphere. Jaswant Singh said that Pakistan will never want Khalistan to be formed, as far as he understands Pakistan, he feels that if Sikhs are ruled then it will be difficult to deal with them, but by giving funds, such environment is being spoiled. Jaswant Singh Contractor said that there is a political solution to everything. Jaswant said that he believes that the central government should form a committee of Sikhs who were pro-Khalistan, who still love the country. After this the committee will do many small tasks and the Khalistani movement will end automatically.

The contractor said that he believes that the government is not taking the right steps at the right time and is giving rise to the Khalistani movement. They cannot deal with the situation that is arising in Punjab, because there are no experienced ministers and leaders in the government. The government should take the right steps to suppress this emerging movement now. Let us tell you that these days drugs as well as weapons are being supplied through drones from across the border. However, where these drones are being dropped by the Border Security Force personnel on the border, the consignment of weapons is also being recovered. It is clear from this that Pakistan wants to disturb Punjab. Former pro-Khalistan leader Jaswant Singh Contractor lauded the works of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The contractor said, our Prime Minister Narendra Modi admires Sikhs and has done a lot for Sikhism. The contractor spoke about PM’s works that he ended the blacklist, opened the Kartarpur Corridor and talked about Chhote Sahibzads (sons of Guru Gobind Singh). He said that the central government led by PM Modi has worked to fulfill the major demands put forth by the members of the Sikh community. The government has worked on the major demands and now only a few demands are yet to be fulfilled. If they agree to meet these demands then all will be well.

What Jaswant Singh, the founder of Dal Khalsa London, said about the intention and policy of Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI is true. Pakistan is adopting all kinds of tactics to spread unrest in India’s Punjab. By promoting smuggling of arms and drugs, he is trying his best to disturb the peace of Punjab and mislead the Punjabi youth.
Pakistan’s internal situation is going from bad to worse in every sense. In order to divert the attention of the countrymen and foreigners from its internal situation, Pakistan has been doing one or the other thing every day, which increases the tension in Punjab and the country.
India understands the hidden sentiment behind Pakistan’s nefarious activities, hence waiting for an appropriate time to respond showing maturity. The indifference that is seen in a section of Sikhs towards Modi and his government in Punjab is the result of Pakistan’s nefarious policies. Taking this matter seriously, the governments of the state and the country should take appropriate steps.

– Irwin Khanna (Chief Editor, Dainik Uttam Hindu)

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