Convert normal cycle from Eco-C to E-cycle, know what is this wonder

Convert normal cycle from Eco-C to E-cycle, know what is this wonder

How To Convert Normal Cycle Into E-Cycle : Three students of the Indian Institute of Information Technology (Triple IT) Allahabad have set up a startup company named Eco-C Private Limited, which will convert the normal bicycle into an affordable electric bicycle.

This company has been started by three students of this institute – Gugloth Vijay Nayak, Ravi Shankar and Vishal and the Ambedkar Social Innovation Incubation Mission has given an amount of Rs 30 lakh as investment to the company.

Gugloth Vijay Nayak, one of the founders of the company, told PTI-language that his company converts the bicycles available in the market into electric bicycles using the equipment of people’s choice and need.

He told that the changed cycle runs automatically from the battery and the person can run it like a normal cycle. All the equipment being used in the bicycles are fully integrable with the upcoming technologies.

Nayak told that it costs about Rs 18,000 to convert a normal cycle into an electric cycle and a detachable battery is installed in it, so that a person can detach the battery anywhere and recharge it at home.

He told that this electric cycle takes a battery worth about Rs 7,000 and once charged it can cover a distance of 30 kilometers. This cycle is capable of carrying a weight of up to 85 kg.

He told that if a person buys an electric cycle from the company, it will cost Rs 22,000. The company has supplied one electric cycle to IIT Mandi (Himachal) and two cycles to Telangana with very encouraging results. (with language input)

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