Crop Damage: Mango-Litchi sightings will be rare! Untimely rain and hailstorm damage crops across country

Crop Damage: Mango-Litchi sightings will be rare!  Untimely rain and hailstorm damage crops across country

New Delhi: The difficulties of the common people who are facing the brunt of inflation may increase further in the coming days. This is because of unseasonal rains and hailstorms in the country. For the last few days, the rains accompanied by strong thunderstorms in many parts of the country have brought respite to the people from the heat but have increased the difficulties of the farmers. Due to unseasonal rains and hailstorm, crops and vegetables have been badly damaged. Due to this, there can be a lot of increase in the price of vegetables especially in the coming days. In many districts of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Punjab too, mustard and wheat crops have suffered a lot of damage. Along with this, there is a possibility of damage to potato and bottle gourd crops in Uttar Pradesh. Maize, gram, papaya and mango crops have been heavily damaged in Telangana. Unseasonal rains have also affected wheat and litchi crops in Bihar.

In January this year, the price of wheat had reached a record level in the country. To control this, the government had decided to release 50 lakh tonnes of wheat in the open market. Wheat farmers were already worried due to premature rise in temperature and now unseasonal rains and hailstorm have added to their woes. In Delhi and surrounding areas, there was heavy rain along with hailstorm in many areas on Saturday. Crops have been damaged due to rain in many districts of UP and Haryana. Heavy rains lashed many areas of the country on Thursday and Friday. Due to this, wheat, maize, pulses and vegetable crops have been badly damaged. Mango and litchi blossoms have also fallen.

In the era of inflation, unseasonal rains, broken back of farmers, huge damage to potato and mustard crops prepared in the field

Which crops have been damaged

Experts say that if the weather pattern remains like this for the next few days, then it may increase the difficulties of the farmers. In many areas, the wheat crop is standing ready after ripening and unseasonal rains and hailstorm can also damage the crop. Heavy rain accompanied by strong winds lashed several villages in Amritsar and Tarn Taran districts of Punjab on Thursday night. This has damaged the standing wheat crop. Similarly, in Madhya Pradesh, Indore and Malwa-Nimar districts received light rain with strong winds. Farmers in Uttar Pradesh are currently harvesting mustard and digging potatoes. Due to unseasonal rains, they are covering the heaps of potatoes lying on the fields with tarpaulins.

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In the southern state of Telangana too, crops of maize, gram, papaya and mango have been damaged in over 20,000 acres of land due to hailstorm on Friday. According to Agriculture Department officials, 18,826 acres of maize crop has been damaged in Khammam district alone. Chilli and paddy crops have also been affected. Muzaffarpur, Shivhar and Sitamarhi have received maximum hailstorm in Bihar. About seven thousand acres of wheat cultivation has been affected in Shivhar. Due to unseasonal storm and rain, heavy damage is expected to the crops standing and cut in the fields.

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