Do serpents really take revenge after the death of snakes?

Do serpents really take revenge after the death of snakes?


Bizarre News: We have heard this story since childhood that whenever a snake is killed, the serpent itself comes to take revenge, we have often seen this happening in many TV serials and films. But no one has the real answer to what is the truth behind this.

Bizarre News: Serpents are attracted by the aroma after the snake’s death.

It is believed by scientists that after the death of snakes, there is a gland present near their genital organ which bursts, emitting a very strong foul smell, and it is so strong that it reaches other snakes far away. And especially female snakes go to them and also attract them.

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Bizarre News: Snakes do not have the ability to take revenge

According to the information, it is believed that the brain of snakes is much less as compared to other reptiles, hence they do not have the power to keep any thing in mind for a long time, leaving aside taking revenge. Besides, their ears are also weak, hence it is believed that female snakes have more powers than male snakes and that is why they avenge the death of snakes.

Bizarre News: There is an old tradition of crushing the heads of snakes

It has been said for centuries that when a snake is killed, the picture of the person who killed it gets imprinted in its eyes and later it comes back to take rebirth to avenge its death, that is why often people, especially after killing a snake, They definitely crush the heads of snakes.

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