‘Dragon Spring Festival’ celebrated in many countries – Dainik Savera Times

‘Dragon Spring Festival’ celebrated in many countries – Dainik Savera Times

On the occasion of the Chinese Spring Festival, “Happy Spring Festival” events are held in many places around the world. Special Chinese songs and dances allow locals to experience colorful traditional Chinese culture.

A series of exciting Chinese cultural activities were recently staged in Athens, the capital of Greece. In Athens’ largest outdoor playground – Happy Park, tourists can not only enjoy Chinese folk music, dance and martial arts performances, but also taste Chinese food and see traditional Chinese abstracts such as Beijing sugar painting, kites, etc. You can also experience cultural heritage.

The cultural activity of “Happy Spring Festival” has been held in Greece for 8 consecutive years. Chinese Ambassador to Greece Xiao Chuncheng said China and Greece will deepen bilateral comprehensive strategic partnership through economic cooperation and civilizational exchanges.

The “Chinese New Year Concert” has been taking place recently at the National Concert Hall in Madrid. In the month starting from February 2, around 30 events such as food tastings, float parades, art exhibitions, folk fairs are continuously going on in Madrid. Locals and Chinese expatriates enjoying the Chinese New Year. In addition, Malta, Slovakia, Egypt, Peru and other countries also organize a variety of activities to celebrate Chinese New Year.

(Credits – China Media Group, Beijing)

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