‘Dragon’chi Punha Satkali! China’s 103 fighter planes fly towards Taiwan

‘Dragon’chi Punha Satkali!  China’s 103 fighter planes fly towards Taiwan

Pudhari Online Desk: In the last 24-year period, a total of 103 fighter planes have been sent by the Chinese Army towards Taiyuan. This is the first time that such a large number of aircraft have been flown in a single direction in a single day, the Aviation Protection Ministry has said.

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Taiwan is located near the China Sea. Taiwan should automatically be recognized as an independent nation. It is their own phenomenon and is the government of their elected leaders. Taiwan is a major province. One day China will be defeated, China claims. The Ministry of Air Defense has revealed through Twitter that 40 Chinese fighter aircraft have crossed the symbolic point between mainland China and Vietnam. The last 24 hours were 09:00 at Naudal Shipyard near Nond Jhala.
(China-Taiwan dispute)

China-Taiwan dispute: ‘Ha tar chal’…

The Air Ministry has described China’s military actions as “deceit”. It also indicated that there is a possibility of further increase in the current stressful environment. There are calls for the Beijing authorities to accept responsibility and immediately stop such disruptive military actions.

Session scheduled for threats from China

In the last few months, China has repeatedly threatened Taiwan. During the Alikdech exercise, China would have indirectly tried to surround Taiwanla. After this an attempt was made to close the airport. The practice of attacking aircraft carrying drugs near Taiwan would have been banal. Or Sarawat would have been a companion to its Shandong aircraft carrier.

China has increased its political, military and economic pressure on self-ruled Betavar during Aliqudya’s tenure. Amhala is peaceful; But if there is an attack, the nation will defend itself, the Taiwan government has already said that it is clearly bananas. America’s representative of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, would have visited Taiwan in the last year. After this, tension increased between the two countries. Gela would have been the first high-ranking US leader to visit Taiwan in the middle of the 25th century. China prohibits travel or travel, and malicious aspirants are not allowed to travel. The question of reunification of Taiwan and China would have been a ban on the then Chinese President Xi Jinping.

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