Earthquake: Strong tremors of earthquake in Ecuador, at least 14 people died

Earthquake: Strong tremors of earthquake in Ecuador, at least 14 people died

Ecuador Earthquake: Ecuador At least 14 people died in yesterday’s strong earthquake. Many buildings were damaged in the strong tremors of the earthquake and people ran towards the streets. The US Geological Survey has reported a magnitude 6.7 earthquake in the country’s Coastal Guayas region. The epicenter of the earthquake was centered about 50 miles south of Guayaquil, Ecuador’s second largest city. In videos shared on social media, people can be seen gathering on the streets of Guayaquil. Earthquake tremors were also felt in northern Peru. President Guillermo Lasso has tweeted and appealed to the people to maintain peace.


After locating the center of this earthquake in Ecuador, it was found that the epicenter of the earthquake is about 80 kilometers away from Guayas. Ecuador’s President Guillermo Lasso shared a post on the social media platform and appealed to the people to maintain peace. According to the information given by the Risk Management Secretariat, during this earthquake in Ecuador, a person sitting inside a car in Cuenca has also died. According to the reports, the person died due to the debris of the house falling on the car during the earthquake. Not only this, three other people have also died in the state due to the earthquake. The total number of those killed is currently being told as 14. Due to the earthquake, there has been a lot of damage to the buildings and also there has been a power failure.

Injured treated in hospital

According to the information that has come to the fore, the people injured during the earthquake are currently being treated in the hospital, but the detailed information related to them has not been revealed. USGS has declared this earthquake tremor as Orange Alert and also said that this disaster is potentially widespread and the number of casualties is likely to be more. Disclosing further in the report, it has been said that due to the earthquake, buildings have been damaged on a large scale in southern Ecuador, but the chances of a tsunami are not visible yet. (with language input)

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