Egyptian officials arrive in Tel Aviv to remove ceasefire hurdles

Egyptian officials arrive in Tel Aviv to remove ceasefire hurdles

tel aviv (Uttam Hindu News): The war between Hamas and Israel continues, due to which many people have lost their lives so far. At the same time, Egyptian officials reached Tel Aviv, where they began the process of expediting ceasefire talks and a possible hostage release agreement.

According to sources, the Israeli Defense Ministry has confirmed that a high Egyptian delegation arrived in Israel and held talks with Mossad chief David Barnia.

105 Israelis were released from Gaza following a ceasefire that lasted from 24 November to 1 December. At the same time, the date of the next talks has not been decided yet, because till now both the sides have not been able to reach a consensus on it.

According to the Israeli intelligence agency, Hamas is continuously putting pressure on Israel to release the Palestinian prisoners lodged in its jails as soon as possible.

According to sources, Israel has agreed to release 35 Palestinian prisoners in the first round.

However, Israel has bluntly said that it will not withdraw its army from Gaza at any cost. Let us tell you that Israel has clearly told the Palestinian negotiators that no matter how much you try. This suggestion of yours will not be considered.

Note that Rafah is an international border crossing between Egypt and Israel, through which food, oil and medicines, among other goods, are being transported.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Virat have announced that Israeli forces will be marching from Rafah, where a large number of Hamas terrorists are hiding.

Let us tell you, after knowing Israel’s opinion, the Egyptian delegation will reach Doha, where they will convey a message to the Qatari authorities regarding the hostage deal.

According to sources, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) chief William Burns is monitoring peace talks with the US, Qatar, Egypt, Israel and Hamas to bring about a possible resolution of the ceasefire obstacles and ensure the early release of hostages.

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