Elon Musk: 10 lakh people will visit on Tuesday; Alan Musk reveals explosive plans

Elon Musk: 10 lakh people will visit on Tuesday;  Alan Musk reveals explosive plans

Paris; circle organization: On Tuesday, SpaceX operator Alan Musk announced the first-ever effort and a bold plan to send 1 million people to Earth at the same time. Or the water and life air of the newly born inhabitants of Mars will fill all the storms of Mars. Musk gave unimaginable signals that there will be no different storms from Earth.

While answering the questions discussed at a technology conference held in Paris, Musk gave the above information.
The ecological system necessary for the survival of humans on Mars will emerge. Musk also said that people can have fun there with their families.

Hey everyone, soon, this is what Musk said; But the date for this was not kept in mind in any program magazine. Musk writes on X or social media platform, our action plan to send Mangalawar to 10 lakh people simultaneously is ready. Mars or all the best for everyone, which is available on Earth. That is, in the initial period, help will be provided from the earth and strength will be given. But soon a time came when Mars would not come from Earth or anything would happen to the people of Mars. Once the settlement was formed, that soon they would become self-reliant in every matter, this is the testimony given by Musk or through the post.

After 8 years…

Musk is the founder of SpaceX. Musk would have said last week that SpaceX will launch a lunar journey for Earthlings in the coming year. For travel to other planets, Chandravar Tal Asel, such a Musk, would have been obvious bananas. Chandravar Tal is necessary for Mars or any project. This means that nothing can be said about human habitation on Mars after eight years, such speculation is being made in the field of science and technology.

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