Exclusive: It is not easy to make these songs which enhance the glow and tradition of Chhath festival.

Exclusive: It is not easy to make these songs which enhance the glow and tradition of Chhath festival.

The great festival of faith, Chhath, has started. Songs have special importance in this great festival. This is the reason why so many songs are released on Chhath Puja, but even in this crowd, some people are not only composing Chhath Puja songs with full faith. Rather, they are also creating a rich legacy of Chhath songs for the coming generations, but it is not easy to do something different and new due to the market trends. Many challenges are associated with this. This article by Urmila Kori investigates the same.

They talk about good and different work but do not promote it – Sushant Asthana

Singer and composer Sushant Asthana, originally from Siwan, Bihar, is included among those artists who are connecting the young generation with their heritage by combining traditional songs with western music. It also includes Chhath songs. This year also he has released Chhath song on his YouTube channel. This is his Bhojpuri Chhath song titled ‘Uga Hey Dinanath..’. Regarding this song, Sushant says that while maintaining the folk intimacy of this festival, Indian music as well as Western music has been added to it. Flute is given by Pandit Ajay Prasanna and Shehnai is given by Pandit Lokesh Anand. Russian artist Lera has played the harp instrument, while Turkish artist Luisa has played the cello. Sushant further explains that the biggest problem is sponsorship, but people always come forward to help. This time Nitin Chandra of ‘Bezod’ is also included in it. I don’t have the trouble of finding sponsorship, but when people say that you guys are doing different and good work, but they don’t promote our work, then I feel bad. You can at least share it on social media to promote good work. But, I am not going to stop. I will continue to work like this to promote my language and tradition, so that I can connect the new generation with my language and tradition.

The hustle and bustle of views sometimes does not allow good work to come forward – Deepak Thakur

Like every year, Bigg Boss fame singer Deepak Thakur has also released Chhath song from his YouTube channel this year. The customs associated with Chhath have been prominently shown in his Chhath song Chhath Karab Abki Baar. Regarding this Chhath song of his, Deepak says that there is peace in the songs of Chhath. We have grown up listening to such songs since childhood, but leaving aside a few songs, the songs of Chhath are also being played with great enthusiasm. Chhath song is playing on the DJ. Now what could be worse than this? As soon as these songs are released, they cross several lakh views within a few minutes. It is not hidden from anyone that how they get so many views. This is a scam but people are promoting such songs. Due to which many times good work gets suppressed because many big stars are associated with these songs. It has received so many lakhs of views. This thing keeps going on but they forget. No matter how much noise they make, their song Aaj Aaya is forgotten within a week. Good work takes time to come forward but in the end it is going to remain intact. Bigg Boss fame Deepak Thakur also shares that people do not sponsor Chhath songs made in the traditional way, so with the help of all the people I know, like editors, photographers and others, I am able to make the song with limited resources. I make a traditional Chhath song every year.

Gave money himself to make Chhath song in Angika language – Adarsh ​​etc.

Adarsh ​​Adi’s name is also often discussed among the singers fighting against obscenity in Bhojpuri. While talking, Adarsh ​​says that this time five songs of Chhath have been released from our channel Misri, two are unplugged type and full videos of three have been shot. Out of which two songs are prominent. There is a song in Bhojpuri called Hey Chhathi Maiya 4.0, which is sung by Deepali Sahay. This song shows the importance of Chhath Puja and family while the second song is Geet Chhath Na Chorayo in Angika language. This song brings out the pain of employed youth living away from Bihar, who do not get leave on Chhath. This song appeals for a holiday on Chhath. Till now we were making songs in Bhojpuri language only. This year we felt that work should be done on every language of Bihar. Our efforts will remain the same in future also. Next year, work will be done on Magahi, Brajika and other languages ​​of Purvanchal. Adarsh, who is busy in cleaning up the image of Bhojpuri songs, says on the challenges related to his journey so far, that people like the work of the channel but when it comes to sponsorship, he used to say that if it was in Hindi then he would do it. Well, this time it is Bihar based company Tough Con XT, whose brand ambassador is Tiger Shroff. He himself called and said that we want to work with you, which is a good change. Although Angika’s Chhath song has been composed by me with my own money, I have sung it and written it myself. All the artists and technical team associated with it have worked for free, due to which the cost was only Rs 30 to 35 thousand, which we then paid from our own pockets. We are happy that we are able to make some contribution in promoting our languages. .

When I did not get sponsorship on time, I had to decide to stop – Nitin Chandra

On the occasion of Chhath Puja, Bezod has been making Bezod Chhath songs for the last seven years, but this time Bezod has not released a Chhath song. Talking about this, Champaran Talkies producer, director and writer Nitin Chandra says that this time I had to stop. No sponsorship was received on time. The three-year contract with Tata Tea had ended last year itself. We started working on the Chhath song from June-July itself. This time we were thinking of showing the story of two brothers in the Chhath song, but till August we did not get any big sponsorship, so we had to reluctantly decide to stop. . Every time I and Neetu (Chandra) have invested our money. Four out of seven Chhath songs were shot at our house, yes we also got support. This time the same support could not be received in time. It is unfortunate that there are some big enterprises. His advice was that if we take that Bhojpuri singer actor in our Chhath song, we will do the funding. I think Bhojpuri is the only industry in which the artistes who spread vulgarity throughout the year also sing Devi songs and Chhath songs. This is not a business for me. For me, this is a campaign to promote faith and tradition. The good thing is that Bezod has created an environment of good Chhath songs, a part of which many young artists have been continuously becoming a part of for the last five years. Whose work makes us happy to see.

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