Eye surgery will be done with contoura vision laser at Delhi’s Narang Eye Institute, know its benefits

Eye surgery will be done with contoura vision laser at Delhi’s Narang Eye Institute, know its benefits

New Delhi : In Delhi, patients suffering from vision problems can now be operated on through the Contoura Vision laser machine. Contoura Vision laser machine was inaugurated on Saturday at Narang Eye Institute located in Model Town of the national capital. Due to this, the possibility of getting a lot of benefit to the patients is being expressed. The Contoura Vision laser machine is considered an updated achievement in vision correction technology. Other laser techniques only address refractive power, whereas the Contoura Vision laser machine provides a more advanced treatment and also corrects corneal irregularities on the visual axis. Similarly it provides faster and better visual results as compared to other popular techniques like LASIK or SMILE.

How is the treatment

Talking to the media, Dr. SK Narang, Director of Narang Eye Institute told that Contoura New Vision is a type of surgery to remove glasses by ‘Laser Vision Correction’. Contra Vision apart from improving the power of one’s glasses also corrects corneal irregularities. Working on the visual axis, it gives a sharper and better visual result, which is different from LASIK and SMILE. Contoura Vision is a bladeless, painless and stitchless procedure that works by creating a 3D map of the cornea and segmenting it into 22,000 unique elevation points. Each of these points is then precisely corrected to enhance the patient’s visual acuity and quality.

Investigation through treatment plan

In response to a question, Dr. SK Narang said that our Ophthalmologist team judges the unique eye condition of each patient and formulates a treatment plan that is best suited for that patient to provide excellent and high grade visual results. He said that this is the beginning of a new era in the world of eye surgery and the people of Delhi will get its benefit.

what is lasik method

In this procedure, a flap is created in the cornea with a microkeratome (blade) or femtosecond and then the number of spectacles is removed by an excimer laser. After this the flap is put back in its place. Most patients can see clearly from the very next day itself, but it only removes the number, not the abrasion. With this process, both sphere and cylinder numbers can be removed.

smile method

Flap is not required in Smile. In this, the lenticule is extracted from the cornea through a small incision and a femtosecond laser is used. The sphere can be removed in this process, but the cylinder cannot be removed very thoroughly. Further refinement is needed in this process.

What is Contoura Vision laser method

The newest procedure is Contoura LASIK. Under this process, a customized map of the eyes is created through a topolizer. In this customized map, 22,000 points are corrected by computer. It helps in removing not only the numbers but also the abrasions (fine errors), which improves the color contrast and clarity. With this process, the number of 10 to 12 spheres and 4 to 5 cylinders can be removed. In patients who cannot have LASIK or SMILE, ICL surgery is advised. This is a process in which a customized lens is implanted over the patient’s natural lens. By this process we can successfully remove the largest number.

start work in three days

Dr. Narang further says that after all these procedures, there is a need to put medicines in the eyes for one to one and a half months. Water is not to be applied in the eyes for 2 weeks, rubbing the eyes is not rubbing. Dryness in the eyes can last up to 2 months and convergence exercises are advised for the eyes. Patients can resume their work after 3 days. The success rate of laser technology in patients’ satisfaction is up to 99.5 percent. This process has proved very beneficial for people in the age group of 18 to 40 years to work and live without glasses.

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