Fixing in T-10 League?

Fixing in T-10 League?

Dubai: Circle Institute: The International Cricket Council (ICC) has accused both the Indian associations, along with eight players and officials of the 2021 Emirates T-10 League, of being complicit in corrupt activities. Parag Sanghvi and Krishnakumar Ashi or Sangha Malakanchi Nave Asun, both of them are co-owners of Pune Devils Sangha. A player from their association and former Bangladesh cricketer Nasir Hussain has also been accused of violating anti-corruption rules.

Or the third person involved in the corruption case is Sunny Dhillon, who is a batting coach. The ICC has said that there are allegations regarding corruption in the 2021 Abu Dhabi T-10 Cricket League and its matches.

Sanghvi Yadav has been arrested and accused of betting and not cooperating with the investigation system in other matters. And Krishna Kumar is accused of some theft from DAC.

Nasirwar Adhikari, who played 19 Tests and 65 ODIs for Bangladesh, has been further accused of not reporting gifts worth more than $750. Everyone has been given 19 days time from Tuesday to reveal the allegations.

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