From China to Taiwanchi Punha Kondi! 26 fighter jets, 4 warships sneak into Taiwan

From China to Taiwanchi Punha Kondi!  26 fighter jets, 4 warships sneak into Taiwan

Pudhari Online Desk: China has infiltrated 26 warplanes and four warships in Taiwan, according to Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense (MND). This article has been given by Taiwan News today (Dt. 19th). Or because of military action, it is clear why China has maintained the Taiwan issue.

In this regard, the Ministry of National Conservation has issued orders on Friday. March 19 Rosie Chinchaya 26 Lashkari aircraft infiltrated. Of these, 15 aircraft were found to have infiltrated the Taiwanchaya airspace. Tar Urvreet 9 Vimanehi South Side Sea Seemavar Disli. Taiwan responded by sending aircraft, warships and missiles to target PLA aircraft and ships.

So far, 67 warships and 266 military aircraft have infiltrated Taiwan from China or China. Since September 2020, China has made extensive use of gray zone policy by regularly sending aircraft to Taiwan. There is a sharp banana. Chinese military ships, fishing vessels and sand dredgers regularly enter Taiwan’s waters in what military analysts describe as a ‘grey-zone’ strategy

China’s claim of sovereignty has been denied by Taiwan before, Beijing is destroying regional peace and trying to threaten the people of Taiwan, but it is clear from China’s actions. Several Chinese aircraft, mainly fighter aircraft, crossed the center line of the sensitive Taiwan Strait. Seven Chinese warships were detected near Taiwan, but were destroyed by the Taiwan Ministry of National Defense.

China has increased its political, military and economic pressure on self-governing Betawar during Alikadchi. Amhala has calmness; But if there is an attack, we will protect ourselves, the Taiwan government has already made it clear.

Last year, US Representative House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would have visited Taiwan in the middle of Taiwan. After this the tension between the two countries increased. Gela would be the first US high-ranking leader to visit Taiwan in the middle of 25 years. By prohibiting China or Daryacha, the visit would have been malicious in reality. unification of taiwan and china will happen
Reincarnation would have been a banana for the then President of China, Xi Jinping.

Taiwan is located near China’s southeast coast. Taiwan should automatically be recognized as an independent nation. It is their own phenomenon and it is the government of their elected leaders. Taiwan is our only province. China will be part of it one day, claims China.

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