Gangster Lawrence exposed from jail

Gangster Lawrence exposed from jail

Sidhu MoosewalaGangster Lawrence Bishnoi, who was arrested in Tyakand, has taken a TV call from the jail in the past. Regarding the interview given to the channel, Punjab Police Chief Gaurav Yadav clarified the situation and said that the interview was not done from Bathinda or any jail in Punjab. He showed two photographs of the accused and said that when he was brought to Bathinda jail, his hair was cut and he had no beard and moustache. At the time of the interview on the 14th, he was sporting a beard and long hair. At the same time, he wore a yellow T-shirt, that too he has not found in the jail. On the other hand, under a well-planned conspiracy, efforts are being made to spoil the atmosphere of the state by defaming the Punjab Police. Phone does not work in Bathinda Jail, lights do not switch off even at night. The DGP said that the accused was taken to Bathinda Jail on March 8 by the Rajasthan Police after the remand was over. He was produced in the Talwandi Sabo court on March 9 and remanded for a day. He was again brought to Bathinda Jail on 10 March, while the interview aired on 14 March. The accused was kept in Bathinda High Security Jail. Hardcore criminals are kept there. Where a prisoner lived in a barrack. There, the Punjab government with the help of the central government has installed very modern equipment. Where phones do not work at all.

The prisoner is monitored by cameras for 24 hours. There, there is a double security guard. Prisoners are checked three to four times a day. The movement of prisoners is monitored. DGP told that the quality of this interview was very good, which looks like a studio. Bathinda Jail comes in the communication dead zone. Very modern techniques have been used here. Calling is not possible here. Apart from this, there is no mention of Jaggu Bhagwanpuria in the interview even though they were at loggerheads for some time. Nothing has been said about Goindwal Jail.

Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi had said in an interview that Sidhu Musewala used to support his rival gang. First explained to him, but he did not agree. He was murdered in this bloodshed. Goldie Brar conspired to kill him over the phone. Weapons were ordered from smuggler Imran Khurja from UP. He told that the extortion money demanded from the liquor contractors was spent in carrying out the murder of Musewala. Significantly, on May 29, 2022, Sidhu Musewala was murdered in broad daylight in Mansa village of Punjab. Lawrence Bishnoi and Goldie Brar are accused of murder. In the interview, Lawrence has claimed that Musewala was murdered at his behest, but Goldie had hatched the entire conspiracy. On the extortion being demanded from the traders in his name, he said that he has not asked for any ransom since four to five years. He says that when his gang members were being murdered, the police used to register FIRs against his own associates.

After the revelations made in the above interview of the gangster, the Punjab Police was seen standing in the dock in a way. Now DGP Gaurav Yadav has clarified the situation and said that this interview was not done from any jail in Punjab. Now the question is, then where did this interview take place and in which jail of which state? Till the time the Punjab Police does not make the facts public after ascertaining the above matter, it will keep pointing fingers at it and the opposition parties will keep besieging the Punjab Government for this reason. The priority of the Punjab Police Chief should be to put the fingers raised on the working style of the police.

– Irwin Khanna (Chief Editor, Dainik Uttam Hindu)

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