Glitter eye shadow will give you the perfect party look, learn how to do it step by step

Glitter eye shadow will give you the perfect party look, learn how to do it step by step

Glitter eyeshadow can make the face unattractive. For this, apart from choosing the right color, it is also important to check the brand and product quality so that your eyes are protected and look beautiful. Today we are telling you the right and great way to apply eyeshadow. Girls love to do makeup but it is often seen that they do the same makeup on their eyes every time. Let us tell you that not only the eyes are beautiful with eye makeup, but the look also looks attractive.

If you use a base color before applying glitter eyeshadow, then it gives extra shine to the glitter. You can also use base color for smokey look. There is no need to apply much base color for this. Use eyeshadow premiere Use eyeshadow premiere before applying eyeshadow. This makes the eyes look attractive and makeup done with glitter also looks good on it.

Use a Q-tip or glitter applicator to apply. Before applying the shade on the lids, apply a light ie single coat. Once it is properly applied, then only do double coating. Neither blink the eyelids nor move your hands while applying it. Many times glitter is bought carelessly, due to which the quality does not come. Glitter starts appearing in dress or hair instead of eyes. That’s why while choosing glitter eyeshadow, keep in mind the brand and quality, only then the magic of the eyes will work.

Before applying glitter eyeshadow in eye makeup, apply gel or vaseline on your lash line. By doing this, the makeup will look more attractive and will also last longer. In this way, perfection can also be brought in eye makeup. The way of keeping cream eyeshadow in glitter makeup kit is special. Use a cream base eyeshadow before applying glitter eyeshadow to your eyes. Due to this, glitter will not spread on the face. Despite being very careful, sometimes glitter gets applied on some parts of the face other than the eyes. Therefore, while giving the final touch to your makeup, use masking tape on the face so that the glitter on the face can be removed.

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