Good News: Living computer made from brain cell of rat, this thing is of great use

Good News: Living computer made from brain cell of rat, this thing is of great use


new technology: In this era of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Chat GPT, scientists have succeeded in making Living Computer from rat brain cell. This computer, built using 80,000 living brain cells of rats, is capable of identifying patterns of light and electricity. The breakthrough paves the way for a robot that would be able to treat diseases inside the brain using living muscle tissue.

How did you get the idea?

Today, artificially intelligent algorithms inspired by the human brain, called neural networks, are being used for everything from chatbots to discovering new laws of physics. Typically these algorithms run on conventional computers, but Andrew Du at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and his colleagues wondered whether they could use real living brain cells instead.

brain organoid making process

Andrew Du’s team began the experiment by growing approximately 80,000 neurons derived from reprogrammed mouse stem cells in a dish. The process was similar to that used to create brain organoids, also known as mini-brains. These are such groups of neurons, which have been used as simple information processors, along with this it is also used to study intelligence. The only difference was that the neurons in the living computer were arranged in a flat, two-dimensional layer.

This is how the experiment happened and got the result

According to the report published in ‘New Scientist’, to make a living computer, researchers placed neurons under an optical fiber and on a grid of electrodes, so that neurons could react to both electricity and light. The electrodes can also measure how much neurons generate their electrical signals in response. All this was placed in a palm-sized box, which was placed in an incubator to keep the cells alive.


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