Google revamps its AI chatbot; ‘Gemini AI’ comes instead of ‘Bard AI’

Google revamps its AI chatbot;  ‘Gemini AI’ comes instead of ‘Bard AI’

Pudhari Online Desk: All tech companies are struggling to establish their place in the world of artificial intelligence (AI). Search engine company Google has been working on artificial intelligence for a long time. Meanwhile, Google has made some significant changes in their artificial intelligence context. In this, Google has replaced their Bard AI or chatbot with Gemini AI. (Google AI)

The company has launched Gemini Advanced, an advanced version of Gemini AI, which is based on the company’s new Ultra 1.0 LLM. In December last year, Google launched its Gemini AI model with respect to its three variants – Nano, Pro and Ultra. After this, the powerful Ultra Model company discontinued its plans. Google Gemini Co. is attempting to compete with Open AI’s ChatGPT chatbot. Gemini’s PaLM 2 LLM is powered by advanced AI models. (Google AI)

Google AI: Bard rebranding and app launch

Google has been planning to rebrand Bardche for a long time. Developer Dylan Russell would have shared information related to the microblogging platform X or its replacement. The company has launched new Gemini apps on both Android and iOS. The company has said that Google Assistant will be able to switch to Gemini only after the user has downloaded the app.

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After downloading the Gemnini app, users will have the option to access Google Assistant the same way they currently do. Google has also clarified that users will be able to enter by pressing the power button, swiping a copy, and saying ‘Hey Google’.

Regards from the company Gemini Advanced

Apart from Gemini, the company has also introduced Gemini Advanced. CEO Sundar Pichai has said that this is a paid experience. Tasks ranging from modeling, coding and creativity to ordering and logical reasoning will be available. Users who have taken the premium plan of Google One AI will be able to use Gemini Advanced for two months without any additional payment. The premium AI plan is based on Google One server and after the end of its free trial period, users will have to pay Rs 1,950, the company’s CEO said.

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