half a world away from the nameplate

half a world away from the nameplate

last March 8 International Women’s Day was celebrated. Many promises were made and many other things also happened regarding giving women their legitimate rights at home and outside the home. This happens every year only on 8th March. There is nothing new in this. All this will continue to happen in future also. But regret that there is still no place for mother, daughter and daughter-in-law in the nameplate outside the houses. However, now usually husband and wife work together to build a house and then they have also started taking home loans together. It may be said to say that behind every successful man there is a woman’s inspiration. This in itself is 100% true. There can be no debate or controversy about this. In making a successful person successful in life, the role of mother, sister, wife etc. is played by one or the other mother power. But, there are very few people who think of giving them a little space in the nameplate outside the houses. In a way, it is assumed that the nameplate will have the name of the male member of the house only.

One may believe it or not, but there is no place for half the world in the name plate. I recently came across the findings of a study. In this, the condition of half the world was studied in depth in the nameplates outside the houses. During this interesting study, name plates were seen outside 160 houses and flats in Rajouri Garden, Vivek Vihar, IP Extension and New Rajendra Nagar in the capital Delhi. During this campaign, many shocking and some new facts came to the fore. Eating, drinking and educated people live in all these colonies. Out of these 160 houses, the names of women were found in the nameplates outside only 23 houses. In these too, 11 nameplates had the names of women along with the names of male members of the household. Dr. was written in front of the names of five of these 11 women. That is, she belongs to the medical profession. May be someone has taken Ph.D degree in other subject. So it is to be believed that the people who kept the names of the female members of their household in the nameplates despite not being doctors, they are really different kind of people. They are respectable. Along with this, the names of women associated with the profession of advocacy also find a place in the nameplate. You go to Mumbai, Patna, Ranchi, Chandigarh or any big or small city in the country. Take a walk around a residential area there. You will get more or less the same situation as in Delhi. Everywhere half the world is becoming a victim of injustice. For the time being, they are waiting to get justice inside the house. Don’t know when they will get their due. This is a matter to think about. I did not even see the names of two eminent Hindi writers on the nameplates outside their houses. There, the names of their husbands, businessmen and government officials respectively, were shining on the nameplates. It is also ironic that both these women have been writing continuously in favor of half the world. The society which worships women as goddesses, there women are kept away from even the name plates of their homes. This is a shameful situation. It is normal to ignore the merit of women even if it is outside the house. It is not a very old thing when the promoters of private companies used to keep their wives, daughters, daughters-in-law etc. in the board room thinking that they have made a big revolution. By filling this much, they felt that they gave momentum to the women’s liberation movement. However, now the conditions have become very positive. Half the world is getting every position in the corporate world. They are showing excellent work while occupying those posts. However, as more and more women become entrepreneurs in our country, their numbers in the board room will keep on increasing.

As it has been said earlier that on Women’s Day many resolutions are taken in favor of half the world. But now all these rituals have started to be paid. Even now how many families or fathers give equal share to sons in their movable and immovable property to their daughters? Do not mind, you will not find even ten percent of the families, where the daughter has got the right in the immovable property of the father or the family. Indian law gives equal share rights to the daughter in the ancestral property of the father. The Hindu Succession Act, 1956 did not mention any legal right for the daughter in the father’s property. While the daughter was given the right to demand alimony in case of a joint Hindu family. Later, on September 9, 2005, by bringing an amendment in this law, the daughter was also given equal rights as the son in the father’s property. Half of the population continues to be a victim of injustice at every step at home and outside. Everyone knows this.

A daughter who has touched the sky of her share does not get proper justice in her own parents’ house. There is no doubt that in today’s era the number of working women is increasing day by day, they are becoming self-reliant. But, a long battle has to be fought for the right of half the world.
They have to give their rights to the country and the society. In fact how barbaric is that society which discriminates on the basis of gender, religion, caste.
(The author is a senior editor, columnist and former parliamentarian)
R.K. Sinha

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