Happiness At Work: Don’t feel like working in the office? Seven ways to find happiness at work – seven tricks and tips to stay happy at work

Happiness At Work: Don’t feel like working in the office?  Seven ways to find happiness at work – seven tricks and tips to stay happy at work

Manchester: Most of us work, but it does not always bring joy in it. Whether it is long lasting work, tiring work or routine work, many times we work just for the sake of doing it, even if we do not feel like doing it. But did you know that a person works for an average of 90,000 hours in his life, so better enjoy it. However, the question arises, what can you do to be happy and reduce stress while at work?

Carrie Cooper, Professor of Organizational Psychology and Health at the University of Manchester, was the lead scientist on a government project. He says that as part of this project, the team, with the help of the New Economics Foundation, identified a number of measures that could help reduce stress and increase happiness. All these measures can be implemented at the workplace. Let’s learn about them.


Be active. Exercise and other physical activity won’t make your problems or stress disappear, but it will reduce their emotional impact and give your mind a chance to process problems. Also will keep you physically fit.

connect with people

If you were to consider the scale of happiness, the relationships you build with others top the list. During the pandemic, many people have found that reduced social interaction is taking a toll on their health. Certainly a good network of friends and family can reduce your difficulties at work. Along with this, it is also useful to increase relations with your colleagues. The more time you spend on relationships at work, the more joy you’ll feel at work.

learn new skills

Staying “cognitively active” is important for your psychological and mental health and can open up new opportunities for career advancement. So keep trying to learn something new. Having things to do outside of work is also important for your emotional and mental health. The UK has some of the longest working hours in Europe, which means we often don’t find time to do the things that make us happy. Don’t work more hours than necessary and make sure you find time to socialize, exercise, and do other fun activities.

learn to live in the present

Instead of dwelling on the past, learn to live in the present. Leave your old mistakes behind in life. The more you enjoy the present, the more connected you will feel to it and the more happy you will be about it. You will not even need to sit and meditate for hours.

recognize the positive

Living in the present also helps you to recognize the positive things in life, leading you to think that the glass is half full, not half empty. Accept that there are some things, whether at work or in your personal life, that you cannot change. Focus on the things that you have control over.

stay away from bad habits

Drinking too much alcohol or coffee or smoking to cope with work stress can ultimately have a negative impact on your happiness.

act smart

By prioritizing work, you will have more time to enjoy other things. The more balance you create in your work life, the happier you will be with your work. With stress-related illnesses accounting for 60 per cent of all chronic illnesses in the UK, it is important that you prioritize your health and try to reduce stress in the workplace as much as possible.

(Carrie Cooper, Professor of Organizational Psychology and Health, University of Manchester)

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