Happy Kiss Day 2024: Kiss Day is very special for lovers, know the history related to this day.

Happy Kiss Day 2024: Kiss Day is very special for lovers, know the history related to this day.

Kiss day is considered to be the seventh day of Valentine’s week.

February is called the month of love because in this people celebrate Valentine’s Week which starts from Rose Day on 7th February and ends with Valentine’s Day on 14th February, meanwhile every day is celebrated as a different special day. . People celebrate the seventh day of Valentine’s Week as Kiss Day, Kiss Day is a special day to express your love towards your partner. Kiss Day is most popular in Valentine’s Week. If seen, this day and this entire Valentine’s Week is a part of western civilization, but currently its influence is being felt in many countries around the world including India. People of all classes can celebrate this special occasion.

Not only lovers, you can celebrate kiss day with your family too.

It is not necessary that people celebrate Kiss Day only with their lovers, kiss is a way of expressing your love, and you can love anyone, even if it is your parents. Be it your siblings, your best friend or your pet, you can celebrate this special day with anyone you love because this special day has no boundaries, when it comes to If it is about love then it can happen in any form.


The history of Kiss Day, the special day celebrated in Valentine’s Week, is very interesting. It is said that in ancient times in France, people used to take the help of dance to express their love and when the dance was over, people kissed each other. They used to express their love, after that this trend increased and gradually spread all over the world and then it got the status of a special day in Valentine’s week. From then till now, people all over the world celebrate this day by kissing their partners. Express your love.

Kiss proves beneficial for health

The specialty of kiss is that it is a beautiful way to express your feelings towards your love. You will be surprised to know that kissing is not only a way of expressing love but is also very beneficial for our health. According to scientific reports, kissing increases the level of oxytocin hormone in our body and also increases the amount of endorphins that keep our body healthy in a natural way, and it is also believed that kissing also cures heart related diseases. And kissing burns 2 to 3 calories every minute.

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