Human body will create new components! Know about the strange experiment in China

Human body will create new components!  Know about the strange experiment in China

Beijing; Pudhari Online : The deer grows its broken antlers again. Sarda aapki shaput punha ugwato. Therefore, can a person’s broken hands and feet come back again? Presently there is no answer, it is negative; But the day is not far away when humans too can do the same. A human being is only a step away from achieving such an ability. (Regrowing Human Body Part). But the amendment has started in China.

Efforts have to be made to insert the organ regenerating muscle into the human body. These cells are also known as Blastema Cells. He is found in the body of the deceased. When the horns are broken, they start growing again. Now scientists want to use the same blastema cells for the benefit of mankind. (Regrowing Human Body Part) The scientists of Northwestern Polytechnical University, located in Xi’an, China, have done such an experiment. This exercise has been published in the journal Science. The surprising thing is that the blastema progenitor muscle found in Haranachya’s body was attached by the scientists to his head. Then, after 45 days, the shape of the head of the snake was seen to be ready. (Regrowing Human Body Part)

Can humans regenerate their bones?

As the new amendments started in China, it is said that if you practice the practice of removing horns throughout the year, then how do you know how they break and grow again. This is a great model, by which we can try to increase the human element again. There is a possibility that blastema muscle can regenerate bone in humans.

Haranchi Shinge Padtach blastema muscles become active

The practice of finding blastema cells in the stem cells of the deer body has been found. The body never falls apart after losing it. The blastema muscle becomes active when its horns are applied. When the horn is completely read, the work of making new horn starts.

mammals have or muscles

Many mammals have self-regenerating muscles, but the deer is the only animal that uses them. The reason is that every year the horn grows once again after it is removed.

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