I put the baby in the oven to sleep…

I put the baby in the oven to sleep…

Pudhari Online Desk: For her, there is nothing more precious than her child. Only, some such incident would happen in the world which would upset Mamtela. In America, a mirror caused death to a baby by putting it in a microwave oven instead of putting it to sleep. Maria Thomas is like this.

After receiving information about the incident, the officers reached the spot and a witness told that, ‘instead of keeping the baby in the cot to sleep, Mulaala was kept in the microwave oven.’ Only no information has emerged regarding how the mistake occurred. Maria Thomaswar is accused of murdering her newborn daughter.

I put the baby in the oven: Maria Thomas

Police started investigating the incident and the woman said that after eating the child at night, she started sleeping with him near the cradle. But he did not understand how he kept the baby in the microwave oven. When I woke up in the morning, I found the baby in the oven. After dissection, it became clear that the child had died due to strangulation and strangulation.

During interrogation, Maria Thomas herself narrated the incident to Chukun Ghadlya. Only police or investigating the case. Only medical examination of the woman is done. Shivaay has confiscated his phone and sent it for investigation.

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