If your skin is burnt due to sunlight then take care of it in this way, follow these 10 easy home remedies.

If your skin is burnt due to sunlight then take care of it in this way, follow these 10 easy home remedies.


Summer season has arrived, in this season spots and blemishes often appear on the face due to sunburn. Which affects the beauty of the face. Generally, the problem of sunburn is more common in summer, because the strong rays of the sun scorch the skin. This spoils your skive. It is not easy to remove sunburn. Today in this article we will tell you 10 easy home remedies, which will provide relief from your sunburn problem.

10 home remedies to remove sunburn

– First of all, consume as much water and fluids as possible during the summer season, this will keep your skin hydrated and prevent it from becoming dry. Along with water, you should consume Jaljeera, Aampana, Shikanji etc.

You should keep the skin hydrated both internally and externally. For this, you can use aloe vera gel, coconut water, rose water etc. on your face as toner. This keeps the skin hydrated and moisturized.

– You can also apply paste of multani mitti and sandalwood on the skin. If your skin is dry then you can also mix honey in this paste. People with oily skin should mix rose water with multani mitti.

– In summer, you can also apply a scrub of curd and gram flour on your face. Both are very good exfoliators and have the ability to remove dead skin.

– You can also apply cucumber juice on the face. It contains Vitamin C, which reduces skin blemishes and deeply cleanses the skin. Applying cucumber juice also brings coolness and freshness to the skin.

– You can also do ice facial at home. This will also give you relief from the problem of sunburn and the size of skin pores will also become smaller, which will tighten the skin.

– To remove sunburn, take a piece of tomato and rub it slowly on the face. This removes tanning and brings glow to the skin.

– Add alum in water and clean your face with that water. Keep in mind that you should wash your face only after adding normal water to the alum solution. This will also remove the problem of sunburn.

– Make a face pack of papaya and apply it. By doing this regularly you will get very good results. You can make a face pack by mixing curd with papaya.


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