Impact of summit diplomacy – Dainik Savera Times

Impact of summit diplomacy – Dainik Savera Times

2023 can be called the year of the world summit. After the pandemic ended, a series of important summits were held in the world, such as the SCO online summit held by India in July, the BRICS summit held in Johannesburg, South Africa in August, the G20 summit held in New Delhi in September. . The “One Belt, One Road” summit will be held in China’s capital Beijing in October and the APEC summit will be held in San Francisco, USA in November.

The purpose of organizing these summits is to enhance international cooperation and unity of different countries in the context of political and economic development. The purpose of holding the summit is to coordinate the positions and policies of countries around the world in terms of political and economic development in order to promote international cooperation, and not to press against other countries on certain issues.

For example, during the “G77 and China” summit, participating delegates praised China’s initiative to promote the development of southern countries through digital and scientific cooperation. Nicaraguan President Ortega said in his speech that China does not threaten other countries, and does not impose sanctions on countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Instead, it makes a practical contribution to the progress and well-being of these countries. But only because of this, China was pressed against China by some forces.

People are hopeful that the desired results can be achieved in all the summits. Among them, the BRICS summit held in South Africa is considered a successful gathering. Six influential developing countries, including Iran and Saudi Arabia, became BRICS members, and more countries are lining up to apply to join. Although the issue of a BRICS currency was not ultimately discussed, it has the potential to become another option as an international settlement currency. At present, the BRICS countries have overtaken the Western Group of 7 in terms of size, population and even economy, and have become an international cooperation mechanism with world influence.

The G20 summit held in New Delhi, the capital of India, was successful. In this, due to India’s political efforts, a declaration acceptable to all parties was finally issued. This is the result of India’s positive efforts. The G20 was originally a finance ministers’ meeting organized by the US to expand global economic coordination following the Asian financial crisis in 1997. Following the 2008 financial crisis it was upgraded to a summit and the first G20 summit was held in Washington.

Apart from the United Nations, G20 is the world’s largest international cooperation forum. Precisely because the G20 consists of countries with completely different political stances, coordinating the positions of all parties is a Herculean task. India has contributed greatly to the smooth hosting of this summit. Currently, the biggest problems in the world are still the economy and trade. However, some countries always want to focus on regional hot issues. In fact, issues such as debt relief for Southern countries and global climate increasingly affect the vital interests of people around the world.

Developed and developing countries should reach consensus on these issues through consultation. China’s “Belt and Road” summit will focus solely on economic cooperation issues. It is expected that at this summit, China and the developing countries participating in the “Belt and Road” will reach comprehensive cooperation agreements, and also announce grand economic construction plans. World unity is in the real interests of the people of all countries.

(Credits- China Media Group, Beijing)

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