Imran Khan’s house bulldozer

Imran Khan’s house bulldozer

Lahore/Islamabad; circle body : Police entered Lahore’s house after former Prime Minister Imran Khan went to attend Islamabad court. Hundreds of policemen entered after breaking the gate with bulldozers and had a fierce fight with Imran’s supporters. Supporters Storm Dagfake Kelly; And the police used lathis and tears. Ya Chamkit 16 people have been injured, 30 people have been arrested.

Pakistani police system raided the house of Toshakhana and Imran Khan on charges of corruption. Imran Khan along with hundreds of his workers left for the High Court hearing in Islamabad. At that time, the supporters of Imran Khan’s residence in Lahore would have prepared fronts. To stop the police, there would have been vigilance and stubbornness; There would have been a place to keep sticks and sticks and stones and sticks. Hundreds of workers used to guard Imran’s house. As soon as Imran’s convoy was about to leave, the policemen came moving from all four sides and entered Imran’s house by breaking the gate using a wheeled bulldozer.

media ban

Thousands of Imran’s supporters started pelting policemen near the court when Imran’s entourage reached Tikde Islamabad. Many police were injured in that. It became difficult for Imran to go to the court for the hearing. Government of Pakistan banned live telecast in Islamabad and media did not show live footage.

Wife captured by police while at home

The workers present there made a strong attack and tried to persuade the police; But the police who came in the number of hundreds, used teargas and rubber bullets to disperse them. At the time of O Rankandan, Imran’s wife was Bushra Begum Gharatach. The police took possession of Jamawala’s house and started investigation. 30 people were caught in the skirmish with the police, 16 people were injured.

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