Imran Khan’s leg exposed, crime filed under anti-terror law

Imran Khan’s leg exposed, crime filed under anti-terror law

Pudhari Online Desk: Former Prime Minister of Pakistan and Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party chief Imran Khan, along with 17 other party leaders, have been booked by the police under the Anti-Terrorism Act for various offences. Allegations of attack on security guards, vandalism and creating disturbance in the court area have been leveled. The pace of action on the Toshakhan case, or Imran Khan’s trial, has increased further.

On Saturday, March 18, Imran Khan reached Lahore and Islamabad for the famous Toshakhana Khatlya hearing. At this time there was a clash between PTI workers and the police in the Islamabad court area. More than 25 security personnel were injured. Otherwise, Additional District and Sessions Judge Zafar Iqbal would have adjourned the court hearing till March 30.

About 17 PTI leaders have been named in the FIR filed by the Islamabad Police. Activists have said in the ‘FIR’ that they damaged the main gate of the police post and court complex. 18 people have been arrested only for the construction of the building of the court complex, stone pelting and vandalism. PTI supporters are accused of stealing two police vehicles and seven motorcycles.

Police fired a ‘bulldozer’ during the operation in Lahore

Thousands of ‘PTI’ workers would have put up barricades and tents outside Imran Khan’s vehicle or residence so that Imranla gets stuck in the Toshakhana case. The police removed them on Saturday. After this, Imran Khan’s vehicle or hundreds of supporters got confused. Ya veli bulldozerchahi use kartun ala. The police stormed the residence by breaking the main gate and walls of the house. The police gave the information about the action taken to find petrol bombs and other weapons. About 10 police personnel would have been injured in the action taken by the police in Lahore.

Toshakhana Case: What is the episode?

Imran Khan’s government came to power in the middle of 2018. During this period, Tyana received many grand gifts from the Arab rulers. The gifts included a Mahagada mangati watch, a pair of cufflinks, a Mahagada pen, a ring and four Rolex watches. They were deposited in the Tosha Khanyat (country warehouse). Later, he bought the goods at a discounted rate and sold them with huge profits, such an allegation would have been leveled against the opposition party Imran Khan. Or during the hearing of the case, Imran would have said that after depositing Rs 21,56 crore, he would have got around Rs 58 lakh from the sale of the gifts bought from the state vault. Yamdhye any misbehavior jhala naslyacha dawahi tyani banana hota. In this case, on 28th February, the Judge of the Sessions Court would have issued a stuck warrant for the non-bailable person.

Imran would have been disqualified in the Toshakhana case

The Election Commission has disqualified Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party chief Imran Khan from the membership of the Parliament for making false statements in the Toshakhana case. According to Pakistani law, any gifts received from foreign dignitaries must be kept in the State Depository or Toshakhanayat. If the head of the state wants to keep the gift, then he will have to pay an amount equal to its value. These are determined through the auction process. Either the gifts are kept in Toshakhanayat or they can be sold and the money received from it is deposited in the National Treasury.

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