increasing pace of population

increasing pace of population

Due to increasing population in the country, food security and social and political instability may arise. Regarding this issue, AICTE advisor Pratham Mamta Rani Agarwal has written a letter in this regard to the vice chancellors of technical universities and heads of institutes. The letter says that being a responsible citizen, we should understand that our country is facing the challenges of population explosion. All resources like land, food, water and energy are very limited and rapidly increasing population can lead to food insecurity, water and land scarcity, loss of biodiversity, increase in pollution levels and social and political instability. Is.

The letter stated that all the institutions and universities affiliated to AICTE are requested to spread awareness about the negative impact of population explosion and organize conferences, seminars, workshops and other programs on the ill effects of population growth as it is vital to support human life. And to maintain a healthy environment, it is very important to strike a balance between population growth and the capacity of the earth’s ecosystem. According to United Nations estimates, in April this year, India overtook China to become the world’s most populous country, after which the concern about limited resources has increased further. Experts are claiming that striking a balance between the increasing population and available resources may be very difficult in the future. According to data released by the United Nations in April, India’s population has now reached 142.86 crore, which is slightly more than China’s population of 142.57 crore.

The most harmful aspect of increasing population is its negative impact on development work. It is noteworthy that no substance in this world is infinite. There is a limit to the development of resources also. There is also a limit to the yield of fields. There is also a limit to the production capacity of industrial establishments. Fuels like gas, oil, petrol, electricity also have a limit. Mother Earth also has limits to accommodate the increasing population. There are limits to scientific and technological development also. When humans crossed the limits and exploited natural resources, nature also became the enemy of the population. Deforestation met the demand of agriculture and development of the increasing population, but it was given the curse of drought, flood and pollution to bite it. As a result, India’s increasing population is forced to face the lack of pure air, pure water and food.

Keeping the above facts in mind, it can be said that India’s welfare lies in slowing down the increasing pace of population. If the increasing pace of population continues like this, then whatever development we do will always remain incomplete. A major reason for the success of economically prosperous countries is the slow pace of population growth. We all should understand this.

– Irwin Khanna (Chief Editor, Dainik Uttam Hindu)

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