IND vs AUS ODI: Dus-Ya Vandevar Pawasache ‘Dhaag’, Saamna Peswaan Vahun Jaaoo?

IND vs AUS ODI: Dus-Ya Vandevar Pawasache ‘Dhaag’, Saamna Peswaan Vahun Jaaoo?

Pudhari Online Desk: IND vs AUS ODI: The second Sunday in the series of three ODIs between India and Australia will be played at Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh. The records of the Indian Union on the ground are very good. Under the leadership of Hardik Pandya in Mumbai, Team India was in trouble while chasing the target of 189 runs. In such a situation, Team India under the leadership of Rohit Sharma came to the ground with the intention of winning the championship 2-0.

Encounter after three years at Visakhapatnam

Saamana is played in Visakhapatnam after three years. That’s why the curiosity of India-Australia match is increasing among cricket fans. All the tickets have been sold out but due to the weather or moderate rain, the seats have been built.

Sunday Showers Chance

The Meteorological Department has predicted heavy rains in Visakhapatnam on Sunday. In the next 24 hours, it is said that there will be heavy rain with thunder in the coastal areas of Andhra Pradesh and Visakhapatnam. On Saturday morning, the temperature in Visakhapatnam would have gone up to 30 degree Celsius and the sky would have been cloudless. Till the end of the evening, the sky was covered with black clouds. The humidity would have been 89 percent and winds would have been blowing at a speed of 14 km.

strong winds with rain

According to the weather forecast for Sunday, there is a possibility of torrential rain in nine districts of coastal Andhra Pradesh and four districts of Rayalseema region. During the rain, Tashi will be blowing at 40 to 50 km speed and during the rain, there will be Vijancha Lakhalkhatahi with Vijancha Kadakdata. There is a possibility of 31 to 51 percent rain on Sunday. The sky is mostly cloudy during normalcy. In such a situation, the stadium officials along with the fans pray for rain.

VCCA ready to face rain

Members of the Visakhapatnam District Cricket Association (VCCA) said that the Meteorological Department has forecast rain during Sunday. There was a possibility of rain on Friday itself, but the forecast turned out to be wrong. But, unfortunately there is a high chance of rain on Sunday.

Good drainage system

The VDCA member said about the arrangements for going to the rains, it will rain on Saturday night and thumb till morning. The drainage system of the ground is very good. It is a good arrangement to cover the entire field. In such a situation, there is very less possibility of rain result in playing field and result. Outfields also dry out very quickly. After the rain stops, it will take us two to three hours to prepare the ground. Andhra Pradesh Cricket Association hopes that 20-20 sixes can be played in the face of rain. Apart from the ground staff, ACA has kept another 30 people ready to help.

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