India should become part of NATO Plus, US committee raised demand – it is necessary to compete with China

India should become part of NATO Plus, US committee raised demand – it is necessary to compete with China

New Delhi (Best Hindu News): A committee of the US Congress has recommended to make India a part of NATO Plus. The committee says that the inclusion of India in it will strengthen NATO Plus. Let us inform that NATO plus is an alliance of five countries. It is designed for global defense cooperation. Its member countries are Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Israel and South Korea.

It is being told that if the sixth part of NATO Plus is made to India, then there will be facility in sharing of intelligence between these countries. Also, if India is included in NATO Plus, then the country can be easily linked with America for defense and security.

The House Select Committee on Strategic Competition between the United States and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), led by Chairman Mike Gallagher and Ranking Member Raja Krishnamurthy, seeks to enhance Taiwan’s capability, including by including India, to strengthen NATO plus A policy proposal was put forward for The US needs to strengthen ties with India to win strategic competition with the Chinese Communist Party and ensure Taiwan’s security, the House Select Committee recommended.

The committee said that if India is made a part of NATO Plus, the close partnership between the US and India will increase to stop China’s aggression in the Indo-Pacific region along with strengthening global security. The Select Committee is popularly called the China Committee after the initiative of the Republican leadership.

Indian-American Ramesh Kapoor, who has been working on the proposal for the last six years, expressed hope that the recommendation would find place in the National Defense Authorization Act 2024 and eventually become the law of the country. He said that the discussion on this proposal in the committee itself is a step towards development.

The China Committee, in its recommendation, said that economic sanctions against China in case of an attack on Taiwan would be most effective if major allies such as the G-7, NATO, NATO Plus and Quad members unite. If all these allies negotiate a joint response, China can be weakened.

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