Indian Railways News: Changes in the schedule of two express trains, Jasidih station will get this facility

Indian Railways News: Changes in the schedule of two express trains, Jasidih station will get this facility

South Eastern Railway has changed the timing of two express trains. At the same time, it has also been announced to start a new facility at Jasidih station located in Deoghar district. Railway has also told that in the last two years, it has earned more than Rs 24.72 lakh from the sale of platform tickets at Jasidih Junction, which comes under Asansol Division of Eastern Railway.

change in train schedule

Under the South Eastern Railway system, the time table of 18603 Ranchi-Godda Express and 18185 Tatanagar-Godda Express has been changed from Monday, which will be as follows.

  • 18603 Ranchi-Godda Tri-Weekly Express: For Ranchi, it will open at 03:15 in the afternoon instead of 3 in the old time and will reach Godda at 7:35 in the morning according to the new time on the second day.

  • 18185 Tatanagar-Godda Express Weekly Express : It will depart from Tatanagar at 2:00 PM and as per the new time table, this train will depart from Tata at 2:25 PM and reach Godda via Chandil, Muri at 7:45 PM.

Modern indication board will be installed in Jasidih

Modern indication board will now be installed in place of years old coach display board on the platform of Jasidih Junction. This equipment has reached Jasidih Junction. On Friday, Santosh Kumar, Senior Engineer of Asansol Division inspected the coach stoppage site. According to the information received, work is being done by RDSO i.e. Research Development Stand Organization.

Display system will work like this

Earlier, only the number of coaches and timings were visible in the coach display. After installing the new board, it will glow from a distance in the LED light. In this, information about coach stoppages, timings, various types of railway videos related to the convenience of passengers, special messages will be broadcast. It will be completely multi functional. So far this system has been installed in Madhupur and Durgapur. Now it will be planted in Jasidih.

Earning of more than 24.72 lakhs from platform ticket in two years

Jasidih Junction is ranked as the highest revenue earning junction under Eastern Railway’s Asansol Railway Division. In Jasidih Junction, 126044 people took platform ticket in the financial year 2021-22. In this financial year, the Railways earned a total income of Rs 12,60,440 only from platform tickets. In 2021-22, the highest total of 20,807 people took tickets in March 2022 and the lowest in January 2022 was 855.

At the same time, till February in 2022-23, a total of 121193 people took tickets, due to which Jasidih Railway earned a total income of Rs 12,11,930. By the end of the financial year of the second two years, the Railways has registered a total income of Rs 24,72,370 from the platform ticket itself.

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