IPL 2023 Naveen ul haq: Surya and Rohitla ‘Khunnas’ come to Naveen Haq!

IPL 2023 Naveen ul haq: Surya and Rohitla ‘Khunnas’ come to Naveen Haq!

Pudhari Online Desk : Afghanistan’s fast bowler Naveen-ul-Haq came into limelight after an argument with Virat Kohli in the Indian Premier League (IPL). In the match against Mumbai on Wednesday, after Suryakumar Yadav and Rohit Sharmala, they started crying in a strange way. That’s why this strange celebration method is becoming viral on social media. During the celebrations, there are huge trolls. Also, Sunil Gavaskar, the former captain of Team India, has also touched his ears. ( IPL 2023 Naveen ul haq ) ज्ञान घेवुया बध्वरी झालेल्या सम्न्यात नेमक् कय झालन हिमेगल…

Lucknow Super Giants vs Mumbai Indians Eliminator match will be played on Wednesday (D.25) at Chepauk Stadium, Chennai. Mumbai Indians defeated Lucknow by 81 runs. Coming to Qualifier-2, Mumbai Indians will clash with defending champions Gujarat Titans. Chennai Super Kings have already hit the finals.

What did the new name do?

Rohit Sharma in the fourth innings Navin’s pedduvar Ayush Badonikarvi 11 runs in Jhelbad Jhala. After this, Naveen closed both his ears and celebrated. Bizarre celebrations by Asav and Suryakumar Yadav and Cameron Green only after taking wickets. Naveen-ul-Haq’s method of celebrating matches is becoming viral on social media. He is being heavily trolled on Twitter. After Virat Kohli, Naveen Rohit and Suryakumarlahi Khannas are expressing their desire for heartwarming reaction.

Earlier, Lucknow captain K.K. Ale. Rahul i.e. after the century Jhalakvalyaan, the celebrations would have been banal by closing the ears like this. Mee tikakaranche ekat nahi, ase tyane ya celebrationchaya madhyamathun would have said indirectly. Naveen Haq means Wednesdays or common bananas. Meanwhile, Kohli and Lucknow coach Gautam Gambhir were trolled a lot by the fans in each stadium. Both Kontyahi Stadiumvar Geleti Chahete Stadium used to shout slogans of Kohli-Kohli.

IPL 2023 Naveen ul haq: Gavaskarni tochle navneche kaan

While commenting on Eliminator Samanyavar, Team India’s former captain Sunil Gavaskar Mahnale, Navincha didn’t understand anything about the celebration style. Would he have been worried about the crowd? If you get a wicket, you don’t close your ears, applause of the audience. Don’t keep your ears covered after hitting a century, ase sangat tyani indirect KL Rahul yalahi wayega tola lagavla. Listeners clapped, asno te mhanale.

Batting first against Lucknow, Samanyat Mumbai scored 182 runs with 20 centuries and 8 wickets. From Lucknow, Naveen took four and Yash Thakur three. At the same time Mohsin Khanla got one wicket. In reply Lakhnaucha Sampoorna Sangh 16.3 Shatakant 101 Dhavanwar Gundalla Gela Garad Jhala. From Mumbai, Akash Madhwal took five wickets. At the same time Chris Jordan and Piyush Chawla got one wicket each.

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