Is Bedwar Pahudale Aswal; The best photography in the world

Is Bedwar Pahudale Aswal;  The best photography in the world

London: The photographs of the waves in the ocean or the polar ice caps falling asleep have earned the reputation of being the best photographs in the world. Nima Sarikhani’s amazing photographs Tiple and Te Jagat in England have been recognized as the best.

Sarikhani’s photograph was selected from 49 thousand photographs submitted from all over the world in the Nature Photography Competition organized by the Natural History Museum, London. The image of the polar bear, considered to be the most dangerous and aggressive in the world, left nature practitioners speechless. Speaking to the BBC, Dr. Douglas Guer, director of the Natural History Museum, said such photographs and the context behind the photographs are truly rare. Due to the extremely beautiful and wave-like glaciers, the sight of the earth is dangerous. The photographs make commentators think about the inextricable relationship between animals and their habitats and the serious problem of habitat destruction due to environmental change. The only photographs that are remembered as winners of the competition are ‘The Happy Turtle’ by Tszyu Finkelstein, ‘Starling Murmur’ by Daniel Dancescu, ‘Shared Parenting’ by Mark Boyd and ‘Aurora Jellies’ by Oran Richardson.

How to take pictures?

Himangavar Niwant Jhopelya Dhruva Aswalache’s photographs like Khani got great efforts. While on an expedition to the Svalbard Islands in Norway, he discovered icebergs floating in the ocean water. Tayatlya goes with a snowmobile in the snow, the snow is covered with cold huts, and the polar aswal disale. He captured this difficult and charming moment on camera. ‘Ice Bed’ or as he called it, with respect to the photo competition.

Who is Nima Sarikhani?

Nima Sarikhani is the co-founder and managing partner of Hambledon Capital Company in England. Hoshi Nisarga is his natural photographer. He roamed the world just for his poetry.
Thousands of photographs are posted. His photographs get thousands of likes on his Instagram account.

Features of the competition…

Organized by the Natural History Museum of London.
Photographers from 95 countries took 49 thousand photographs.
The last selected Geely was only 25 photographs.
75 thousand people from all over the world voted and elected.

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